Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shameless Plug!

Okay, here is a "shameless" plug for my friend Amanda.  Geesh.  I would like to win what she is offering, but she is only giving it away if she gets 20 different comments/entries on her blog.  If she doesn't, she'll KEEP IT!!  The audacity I tell ya!  Anyway, she is a Consultant for "Memory Works."  She is not a "pushy" consultant either.  She just has a LOVE for creating and capturing memories of her family and wants to SHARE with others!  So, she is giving away a "Simple Stories" kit and it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!  So, go!  Run.  NOW! What are you waiting for?  Oh, her site!  Silly me, HERE  it is.  So go now.  She what she has to offer.  Guarantee you won't be sorry!

'kay Amanda, HAPPY????  LOL     Glad to be of assistance.  ;-)


Lil-Rosi said...

Ah! Now you caught one that I missed! ;) Thanks for sharing!

Jingle said...

I went over and entered! I'm excited for her! Did you recently change your blog profile pic? It is a wonderful photo, either way!