Sunday, January 31, 2010

11 Years

It has been exactly 11 years since my mother passed left went Home. 4,015 days. 96,360 hours.  That is the time I have missed out.  Missed. Holidays, birthdays, Sunday afternoon dinners.  A Great grandchild! Her daughters weddings.  Birth of children.  Yes, she was not physically here for these events.  Yet, I know she has never left our hearts.  There are days that pass where there is something that is said, heard, or even a laugh that reminds me of my mother.  
do you see a resemblance?   I do.
I miss her.  I miss not having the relationship my daughter and I are having.  Don't misunderstand.  I did not have your "typical" mother/daughter relationship.  FAR from it.  I envy families that have that have that kind of relationship, you know, "Mother/Daughter" kind.  ANY kind of relationship.  I will settle for the kind of relationship me and my daughter have.  No matter how "rocky" it can be.  It's a RELATIONSHIP.  One that I will not take for granted.  Ever.

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