Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey Guys!!

How's it going? Getting ready for the Christmas Holiday? Yeah? Well, I'm a little behind. And seem to be getting MORE behind.
My good friend "Scrapthat" hooked me up to a blog that has some great "BLOG CANDY!" Go check out Tammy's blog here. She has some great stuff. Go check it out!
Now, I've been trying to get caught up in the "P365" department. I was only 3 months behind. I got thru July, but since another month has passed, I'm STILL 3 months behind! OY! I'm trying. There is NO WAY I could EVEN do the "December Daily" for this year. Absolutely impossible. Not even trying to attempt. The ONLY reason I did it last year was because my dear friend "kelliebeans" made my album for me and all I had to do was fill it! There is just too much on my plate right now. I am hoping to get a tree up this weekend. We are supposed to get some "Wintery Mix" Friday evening into Saturday. Seriously? These people can't drive in the RAIN! North of us towards Baton Rouge may even see some flurries. Us? Sleet more likely. I hope it's not too bad.
Well, need to get back to getting ready for work tomorrow. I am planning on heading over to a friend's house for "Baking Day" and I need to put some clothes to change in, in my car and a container to bring home some goodies!!! Have a good night. Catch you up later. God Bless.

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Adele said...

Haa... Yeah, I noticed the driving issues when my folks were living in Mississippi. The English aren't much better. I've had things called off because people were 'snowed in' with 2 inches!! Come on, people!! I used to drive to school (HS) having to stop every few yards to push the snow off the windscreen, again, and watching it slowly creep back up the bonnet.

I haven't even pulled out my wreath this year, though. Just too busy. As you say, too much stuff on my plate. I'll just have to go enjoy my mom's decorating in a week's time, instead!