Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Today would have been my mother's 67th birthday.  Next month, the 31st, is the 11th anniversary of her death.
I am saddened deeply sad over her passing.  She was 56 years old when she passed and had been in a nursing home for about 9 years prior to that.  She had "Huntington's Chorea."  It was completely debilitating.  She began her symptoms at about age 38.  We moved closer to where her mother and father were living and graduated high school from the same high school my mother did!  Total fluke!  When she started failing and it got to be too much for my grandmother, we moved her into a nursing home.  The first of 2 she was in. I visited as often as I could and brought my daughter.  The last time I brought her to visit, was the last time.  Em got quite upset over an incident that took place.  She told me, "I'll go back when gramma feels better."  Broke. my. heart!  My mother did get to meet her first, and only, grandson!  Ry was just 2 when she passed and he doesn't remember her.  I decided chose not to bring my children to her funeral.  My sister was not happy about my decision.  HER children were there.  Well, my kids did not have the same relationship hers did and quite frankly, I thought they were too young.

Anyway, I envy a lot of friends who have the relationship I never had with my mother.  I hope to instill a good relationship with my own daughter in hopes that as she becomes an adult, we will become friends.  Here is a picture of my mother.  It is when she was a Senior in High School.  She still, very much, looked the same.  It is to honor her.  Especially on this day.

Now, on to more exciting things!!  On the 23rd, I took my son on his FIRST plane trip!  Yep.  13 years old and finally got to go on a plane.  We only went to Atlanta.  Planned on going to Denver, but it was after the Winter Storm that hit the east coast, and another system was traveling from the west.  Did not want to get caught in it THIS close to Christmas!!  Here are a few pictures from the day:

We arrived in Atlanta about 8:30 a.m. and went to eat breakfast lunch!  We'd been up since 3 a.m. so it was time for lunch.  He wanted Chinese but settled on a Wrap!  It was a Club Wrap.  I ate a Breakfast Wrap.  Road the tram to other Concourses and used the moving walkway.  He was so amazed at the size of the airport.  He said it was like 3 malls in one! Silly boy.  Tomorrow I leave with my daughter for Chicago.  Leaving after my shift at work.  We will return on Wednesday night.  It is just a "Day Trip."  We are going to FREEZE!  Last I checked, it was 27 degrees!  Oh. my. God.  That. is. COLD!  LOL  We'll be okay.
All right, I need to go and pack and I REALLY need to get to bed.  Have a good night.  God Bless.

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kelliebean said...

{{{hugs}}} V!

I know you and E have a wonderful time together!