Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black & Gold Christmas!

Well, at least I have my tree up. No presents under it. In fact, nothing has been bought yet! So much has been going on lately that I haven't MADE the time. I plan on completing it over the next 2 days. My days off. Provided that it stops raining here!
Wanna share a little poem with you. Our New Orleans Saints have made Franchise history!! We are now 13 N. O.!! *wink-wink*

We stress over hurricanes,

And the stock market fall.

The economy, politics,

And Chinese drywall.

But just for the moment,

Lets put these on hold,

And pull for our boys


On Colston, on Shockey,

On Thomas, and Moore,

On Bell, and Bush,

Like never before!

On Sharper, On Vilma,

Defense, if you please.

Forget not Coach Payton,

And our passer, Drew Brees.

Our team is on fire!!

This we all know.

But Santa, there’s still

A long way to go.

With your help this Christmas,

We will reach our goal.

And our Saints will win

The 2010 SUPERBOWL!!!!!!

I don't think we're boasting too much, do you? LOL Our Fans are the GREATEST! and the Team knows it. At the game, in the Superdome, you can barely hear yourself with all the noise being made. We have a Saturday night game this weekend. Dallas Cowboys. Should go well. We'll see.
Okay, just what have I been up to? Work. It's been quite interesting. Yeah. interesting. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;-) I haven't had a chance to play and scrap. I hope to. Soon. I need to get caught up with P365, but I'm thinking, "Hey. We're at the end of December. As long as I keep taking the pictures, I can finish whenever!" right? thought so.
Okay, I think I will post some pictures of my christmas decorations around my home and the neighborhood in a few days. Provided it stops raining long enough! We've been BOMBARDED with more rain than ever! The ground is so saturated that there is no where for it to go! Streets are closed due to flooding. Kids didn't even have school today because of it.

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