Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, I've Been Busy...

... therefore, another week has passed since last posting! I'm trying. Really. I. Am.
Look what I've been doing over the last couple of day.

Today was pretty busy. i still have quite a bit to do so all I have to do is roast the turkey tomorrow. Cleaned up my "Scrap Space" today to.

And, After:

Don't know when I'll get to scrap again, but at least it is all cleaned up! I could barely close my paper tote! Seriously. It really isn't closed. I have that much paper! All of it is not in there either. I have a couple of drawers with paper in it. I need to get busy.
I just want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. May you be blessed. May you spend your day with friends and family and the people you care most about. I want to give thanks to all our military who are serving our country and who aren't able to spend time with their family. I want to thank them for fighting for our freedom. May God continue to keep them safe for their return to their families. Thank you. From the bottom of my grateful heart.

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