Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am very sorry. You know what happens? LIFE! Well, as the title of my blog, "Living LiFe" that is exactly what I am doing! Been quite busy and now, Thanksgiving is one week away! I went grocery shopping yesterday. It was nice for no one was in there! Sure, there were a few, but it wasn't a madhouse! It will be like that this weekend! I have everything I need for Thursday. Everything that is, except, GREEN BEANS! They didn't have any fresh or frozen! Guess I'll make a trip to Sam's and buy the large bag. geesh. I'll go tomorrow after I get off work. Get it out of the way. Then I'll come home and start my stock for my Gumbo. I need to drive and get the Andouille for the gumbo. Probably will get that on Monday or Tuesday. It is a small place and I'll go during the day. Turkey is defrosting in the fridge out in the garage. Will inject the marinade in it as soon as it is fully defrosted. I also have a ham. I need to sift thru the oysters for the rice dressing. We are going to have a full menu! I'm gonna try and get pictures for my P365 as I go thru this process. I still have a lot of catching up to do.
Oh well, this was just a quick post. Have to get up early tomorrow. It's my "Monday." argh. Should be interesting. Have a good night.

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