Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy to be Alive!!

I have just GOT to start my post this morning with this video! I credit Erin Lincoln for it. It came from her blog and I just FELL IN LOVE with it!

He would be so much cuter if he would just get rid of his dreads!!! Ay-yi-yi! What'd ya think? Pretty catchy, huh? He just didn't have the "oomph" to go all the way on Idol, but I still liked him!

Back to regular schedule for work now. yuck. Trying to get used to getting up at 2:30 in the morning. Today is my "Sunday" and I have a dental appointment in a little bit. Need to also arrange an appointment for my son as well.

I need to start preparing for Thanksgiving! Gumbo, Turkey, sides, Honey Pan Rolls, desserts. Man, good thing I am still doing Boot Camp! A new soreness today. I guess that is good. Keep changing it up so as to not get in a rut. 2 more weeks left. Still trying to whittle away and find my waist. I KNOW there is one under here! LOL

On the downside to the weekend for you 9 to 5'rs out there! Lucky dogs. I actually am going to the Saints game on Sunday afternoon and taking Monday off! Woo Hoo. 7 and 0 baby!!! Carolina Panthers on Sunday. I feel confident. Let's hope the players do too, but not too confident that they get cocky! KWIM?

Gotta go now. Go back and watch the video again. It'll put you in a "Happy" mood. God Bless.

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