Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sad, Sad Loss

Well, my daughter was thoroughly disgusted by her classmates for leaving in the 3rd quarter! It was a crushing blow. We lost. 48 to 10. First time in 4 years. Oh well. On the up side, if there is any, we creamed the team in my volleyball game! Talk about 3 intense matches! They got pretty close, but no win for them. darn. LOL I just love a friendly competition!
On my way home I stopped at Wendy's for a grilled chicken sandwich. I hadn't eaten and I worked up a hunger! Ate that while I watched a little of the high school game on the telly. Then I went to bathe and climbed in the bed to wind down and hopefully get at least 4 solid hours of sleep. I woke at 2:30 a.m., showered, dressed, left the house. Driving down the road and get to the main road. Decide to find my cell {to make sure I didn't leave it home} and I notice some "Missed Calls" and a text message AND a voice mail. I check before pulling onto the highway and guess what? I was told to take today off because I start "Class" on Monday! Are you FREAKING kidding me? Apparently the call came about 9:15 the night before and of course I don't bring my cell phone in my room because there are some people who STILL haven't gotten the memo that I get up as early as I do. If my phone does ring, usually my hubby will get it, but seeing that he was working the football game, NO ONE WAS HOME! So, I turn around, get in the house, change BACK into my jammies, grab my pillow and head to the sofa. My hubby was snoring WAY TOO LOUDLY for me to fall back asleep in there!
I watched "Ghost Whisperer" and fell asleep. He came in the living room a little after 8 freaked out because he thought I overslept! I told him what happened. What really ticks me off is, on Friday I asked about leaving early Saturday morning to attend "Boot Camp." In the office was my supervisor and the person who teaches the class! WHY didn't she say something then? Did she NOT know? Had I known, I wouldn't have busted my butt to get home from my game and settle down to get some sleep! Anyhow, MY Supervisor who informed me, thought we were already informed. So on Saturday, hubby and I had lunch and went to the movies! After I got out of the movies, my supervisor texted me to "take Sunday off" as well! SCHWEEEEEEET! No more 2:30 a.m. wake-up calls for an entire week! Class starts at 7:30 and goes until 4. Yay! I should get next Saturday and/or Sunday off which is good because Saturday is our 17th year wedding anniversary. We'll see if hubby remembers and plans anything.
The weather here has been absolutely GORGEOUS!! Real "Fall-like." Had a cool front come thru on Friday morning. Not sure how long it is going to last, but I will keep my windows open for as long as I can!!
Our "Saints" had a FANTABULOUS game! GREAT win! I'll be attending the game when they play the Carolina Panthers in a couple of weeks. My sister invited me for her hubby will be out of town. Oh darn. LOL
Well, that's about it for now. Hope you had a great weekend. See you again real soon!

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