Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Week in Review

Okay, maybe more like 2 weeks.

Anyway. Not really too much has been going on. I am trying to get into the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. On #2 and picked up #3 today at the library. 1/2 thru no. 2. Read it while waiting on Ryan at swimming yesterday. They're pretty funny. While I was waiting on Ry, I had his camera. I took a few shots, then while I was listening, I found it odd. All you could hear was the "splashing" as they were swimming! Kinda soothing. Check it out. Ryan is wearing a blue suit, yellow cap with black goggles. He is the only tall one in lane 7.

I managed to complete 9 scrap pages yesterday. Well, really only 1. I have to embellish and title the others, but the pictures are on the pages!! I've enjoyed the last 2 days off. Will return tomorrow. Last week, we had 4 days of training. Learned the "basics." I can get into a Passenger's Record and do baggage fees and such. I finally came to the conclusion to NOT take the position in the Crown Room. I NEED the busy that is in the lobby and at the counter. Makes the day go by. KWIM?

I went to the movies today by myself. I really enjoyed it. I saw "Julie & Julia." I liked it. Also enjoyed the previews of other movies that will be released. Gonna have to see these movies, especially since there is already "Oscar" buzz.

Well, guess that is it for now. The sky is about to burst open, again, and kids will be getting out of school and I'll more than likely have to go and get Emilie, again! Have a GREAT day. Be Blessed.

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