Thursday, July 23, 2009

We REALLY have to get together more often!

Gosh, can't believe the gaping HOLES in my blog posts! Just what is wrong with you? LOL
Last weekend was the BIG Invitational that was hosted by our Swim Club. After Friday was over, all the rain and mud, Saturday and Sunday were just gorgeous!! ALL the swimmers were wonderful and the meet moved! Ryan participated in the IM {Individual Medley} on Friday and he qualified. He finished 8th overall in that event. He also finished 8th in the Butterfly. His friend had beaten him by 1/1oth of a second! CRAZY! He finished 3rd overall in the Backstroke! His "Relay" team took 3rd in the Medley and Free! I tell ya, it was an awesome weekend! So proud of Ryan. There were 453 swimmers this weekend. In Ryan's age group, there were at least 18, so he finishing 8th was a PROUD moment for me! This was his first Invitational really. Last year, he only swam the backstroke. This year, he wanted to do more. He did.
Here are a few {wink} pictures from the weekend, along with a video or 2. Enjoy!!

Morning "Warm Ups"

The beginning of the "IM"
Just practicing.
Here are the boys getting ready to "present" the flag.
Finishing 3rd and qualifying in the Backstroke on Sunday!
Ryan is a Boy Scout and 4 of them carried in the Flag and hung it during "Opening Ceremonies" on Saturday and Sunday.
Went and got a "Mohawk" after he swam the Backstroke! I figured, why not? His hair grows fast!

The "3 Musketeers" more on that a little later!
This pic is just of "Warm Ups."

This is Ryan swimming in the "IM."

I think he finished 3rd or 4th! Let me find the "Backstroke" video. He took 3rd. Kinda made me mad that the "Stroke Judge" walked right in front as he was finishing!

On Monday, there was the Swim Team Party and Awards. My son was given the "3 Musketeer" award, along with 2 of his friends. I'm not so sure about that!! Here are a couple of pictures.

The one on the far right, yeah, that's Nathan. I'm his "Hero" and he calls me that all the time! He tells Ryan that he is lucky to have Me as his mom! Last summer, Nathan asked me for a ride home from the pool. He lives right down the street. I said, "Sure, but where is your bike?" He told me someone took it and he thought that the boy was right there. Well, I told him to get in and I drove down this little rock road and saw the boy on the bike. I rolled down my window and told the boy he had "my son's" bike and we would like it back! Nathan was about to DIE! The boy got off the bike and I put it in my van. Told the boy he had no right to take what was his and he took it off "Private Property" and he should be grateful that I wasn't going to press charges!! There were a couple of other kids who had a bike that didn't belong to them and the gentleman who lived on the corner happened to be in his yard and he took the bike and said, he would let the owner come and get it! So, ever since then, I'm known as "Hero!"
So, that is the 3 of them. Ryan and Nick have known each other since babies!! Nick used to live next door, but they moved a few years ago. Still close enough that they are always at each other's homes. During the summer, someone is living at one of the homes!!
Well, it was a great swim season. It is now over. Ryan is thinking about "Year-round" for he wants to swim for the High School! Guess I'll be busy with that! Gotta get some laundry done and get my clothes ironed for work tomorrow. It's my "Monday." I promise to get on some sort of schedule once school gets started. Get out. Live Life. You just might be surprised!! ;-)

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