Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just some "Fillers" for you

Good Day My Peeps! I so apologize for being away for so long. "Life" as I know it, has changed! I am in the "working world" and it has definitely changed my way of doing things. I promise I will post some very interesting stories of my days at the airport. Some are quite "interesting." For now, I am going to post some items I came across that I think you'll find as interesting and funny as I did. This first one is of a little boy who has come from the dentist. I wish I would have recorded my son when he was 2 and he had an "emergency" dental visit! Would have been as cute as this! Enjoy.

Now, Ladies, would YOU fake a 911 call if you knew one of these guys would show up?

If you thought YOU were having a bad day?!

The Story Behind the Oscar Meyer Song

Oscar G. Mayer the 3rd Oscar Mayer that Founded Oscar Mayer Foods Died Wed Jun 8th. of old age. He was 95.

Well, time for me to take a bath and head off to bed. Working tomorrow and have to be awake by 2:30 a.m. at the LATEST!! Son has his Swimming Invitational this weekend and I'll be there. Hope to get some good pictures and even some video. Have a good one and I promise to be back here soon. God Bless.

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Marlana said...

Hey, I called 911 before and those guys didn't show up! I got gypped! LOL!