Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday's Mountain Vacation

Okay, here's Tuesday's tale! It's pretty boring.

Day 4 – Tuesday. We pretty much stayed around the cabin today. I think we needed a break. All that “rock climbing” and “mountain climbing” got to be a bit much. We decided that we would go and play putt putt after we had dinner. I was cooking hamburgers. We also had a few steaks that we put on the grill. After we ate we decided to go and play. I wound up hitting 2 holes in one! Seriously. Way cool. I ended up buying a photo that was taken prior to playing. With it, we also had 3 “Free” passes to play again at another time. Here is a copy of the picture.

Not a great picture of a picture. Sorry.

Okay, since it is a "short" post, thought I would throw in a few pictures from our trip!! Enjoy.

White Tailed Deer
View of the mountains from our cabin.
one of the old cabins where early settlers settled!
A black bear!! Thank goodness I wasn't any closer!!
This was exciting. Along one of the other trails we saw quite a few! Couldn't get any pictures fast enough. Found out later in the news, that they had closed down one of the popular trails due to bears! No one was hurt, thank goodness, but they wanted to protect everyone.

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