Sunday, June 14, 2009

A "Recap" of my "Mountain Vacation"

Okay, I went on vacation last week. Hence, there were no posts from me. Yeah, sorry about that. We went to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. Weather was great. Apparently before we arrived, there had been some bad weather that had gone thru. I know that we received bad weather days before we were scheduled to leave. We left on Saturday morning. I wanted to leave at 5 a.m. We didn’t leave until right after 6 a.m. Drive was fine. We stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, which is tradition for us when we go on vacation. We let our daughter drive a good distance. She drove about 2 hours. Kinda nice to have a break. She did well. We were scheduled to arrive at our cabin at approximately 6 p.m. All was good. Did not hit traffic at all. NOT like we do when we head to Gulf Shores or Florida!! OH MY! That takes FOREVER!! We get into Sevierville, where the cabins are located. This is approximately 10 minutes from Pigeon Forge. We have our GPS system. LOVE our Garmin. Really. We do. Has been a Godsend to us. Especially when we had to evacuate and we went to Memphis, Tennessee. Anyway, arrive at the Guard Shack at “ShagBark” in the “Village” where these cabins are located. Great. We check in with the guard and I have all the info printed out and ready to place on my rearview mirror. Great. Here we go. We are finally here. Now, to get to our cabin. Following the directions that Garmin is giving us. We are in the mountains. Driving an Impala. Up STEEP hills. Going around and around and around AND AROUND!! Apparently, we keep missing the turn. Geesh. Really? After about an HOUR, {seriously, an hour}, I happen to look at our reservation. Oh oh. I had the WRONG name of our Cabin! Yup. I had “It’s a Wonderful Life” and we were staying at “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere!” Are you serious? My poor son. He was TERRIFIED! Did I mention that it was DARK? And we were on mountain roads? Oh yeah, they were narrow. REAL NARROW! Some of the roads we TRIED to go up, we couldn’t get up. They were THAT STEEP! Oh, and there were no sides. Only DROP OFFS that were many STORIES HIGH!! After I realized the “mistake”, I quickly corrected and about 10 minutes later, arrived at our cabin. YAY!!! But guess what? It was 9 p.m. and we were STARVING!! We saw signs that had “Pizza Delivery” and so wanted to call, but decided we would go BACK OUT, down that TREACHEOROUS MOUNTAIN, to go get dinner! Just what were we thinking? Oh, boy. We get back down to the guard shack and ask him where would be a good place, that was still open, to get some dinner? He told us that most places would be open til about 11, so we ventured out. Did I mention that the cabin was located in a place known as “The Village?” Remember that movie? You know, with Joaquin Phoenix? Where it was set in the early 1800’s and they all lived in this town and wasn’t allowed past the “tree line.” They had their own doctors and such and they raised there own food! Freaky. It was really a good movie my M. Night Shamalyan. Anyway. We went to a buffet. It was okay. We needed to stop at the grocery store. We had NO groceries. Went into the local Kroger and quickly filled a basket. Loaded them into the trunk. Time to head BACK to our cabin. I really shouldn’t have eaten. We make our way back. It did take a little time. I’m not gonna lie. Did I mention that the driveway was steep? Yep. Hubby pulled in. We got out at the top. NOT gonna be in the car for that one. Had to take the groceries out. OMG! They WERE NOT how we put them in! Did I mention we had to go up a mountainside? In the dark? Steep, narrow roads? Yep. Surprised the eggs were still in one carton! LOL I think we finally went to sleep after midnight! I was exhausted. The drive up the mountain was enough! Seriously, we were thinking, “why the HELL did we decide to do this?” This story will be continued tomorrow. Here are some pictures of our cabin.

The outside of our cabin. It was 3 levels. We entered on the middle level. I had one bedroom and bath on that level. The lower level was the "Game Room." It had a pool table, washer and dryer and a bedroom and bathroom with a separate shower. It had a corner jacuzzi tub!!

This is the porch on the middle level. This was taken from where the hot tub is located!

This is our view from our bed onto the porch on the 3rd level. What a view every morning!

This is taken from the outside of the bathroom. That is a big jacuzzi tub that had wooden shutters. I could watch television from the tub!!

Day 2 of our Vacation. Sunday. Oh my goodness. I forgot about how the mountain air made you really tired. Or, it could have been the gallon many ounces of Rum I had before bed the night before! LOL I made breakfast for everyone. Eggs, grits, biscuits, coffee. Good “Mountain” breakfast. Then we decided to head out. Some sightseeing. Drove into Pigeon Forge. I felt like I was in “Mini Las Vegas.” CRAZY! It has been 17 years since I had been here last. A lot has changed. We headed into Cades Cove and wondered around there. Saw some black bears! And some white tail deer! Really cool. We also found a creek! GOR-JUS!! I have some pics. Forgot how “scenic” everything was. I was ready for some dinner. We had only eaten breakfast and that only stayed with me for so long. We headed back to our cabin. BEFORE dark! We had brought some shrimp with us, so I fried it. It ended with MORE rum! ;-) Played cards and wound up going to bed around 2 a.m. More tomorrow!

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Yeah, so that drive would've sent me into panic attacks!

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