Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Randomness {taking from another Blogger!}

and you know who you are!
Started at 7 a.m. this morning at work. I swear, it's tough and it will only get tougher! I finished more Computer Courses and I have just a few more! I went out in the Lobby and filled in a bit. Not real busy today! {*shocker*} I will go in tomorrow for 7 again. Got word on my new schedule: ready for this? Don't think I am! Friday thru Tuesday, 4 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.! yep. You read that right. A.M. as in BEFORE the chickens get up!! At least I'll be home by 11 a.m.?! Right? I have the middle of the week off, Wednesday and Thursday. I have "Seniority" and when the "Bids" come around I'll try and change my days off!! Maybe have Friday/Saturday off? or Sunday/Monday? I mean, I'll get off at 10:30 on Saturday morning, so it's like having a long weekend!? I think bids come every 3 months. Not sure where we are now! Now, when they get enough of us, they will have class instruction. Those hours will more than likely be 7 a.m. to 4. Not sure yet. It'll be another couple of weeks.
I'll be making some changes as far as playing Volleyball! There is no way I can continue to play like I do with that kind of schedule. If I have to get up at 2:30 I definitely want to be sleeping by 9:30 at the VERY latest!! So, the late games are going to have to go. If not, I'll burn out quick! Thank goodness Ryan finishes swim team this week. Now, I did mention the Invitational the weekend of July 18th and I should be able to get off no problem. Seeing as I am not working the computer terminal for it is all GREEK and RUSSIAN to me! LOL

I am so behind on my P365. Sad really. I just haven't been in the mood lately. I still have pictures to sort on my computer from vacation. Hopefully I can "veg out" this weekend and work on it. I took Monday off, for my daughter is getting her braces on!! It also happens to be her birthday. Poor girl. SHE chose the day! I'll make her a cake and have some family over and some friends. "Sweet 16." Wow. Where did all those years go? It's amazing how our children age and we don't?! Well, at least for me anyway! LOL She is at the beach with a friend. She will return on Saturday. My son will also return Saturday. He'll return again Thursday for the Swim Meet, but he'll be finished with camp on Saturday.

We finally go some RAIN this evening! We sooooooo needed it. The heat index has been between 105 and 110! That's H-O-T!
Well, that's about all that has been going on here. I have to go and get dressed for a Volleyball game. Haven't even played yet on this team! Missed the first 2 weeks. I want to watch the last game of the College World Series. L.S.U. is playing Texas! We are up 3 - nothin! Need to keep the lead! Shut up Bean!! I don't care WHERE your heart is! The Tigers are gonna win!!!
Hope everyone has a good night. God Bless.


Jingle said...

Random, indeed! LOL! Oh, what I would give for hot weather right now! All we have been getting is rain and then some rain...and then now and then we get rain.

Anonymous said...

Didn't say a word! Besides, football's my game! ;)

Lil-Rosi said...

Hey, V! I have a blog award for you on my blog - check it out! ;)