Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mountain Vacation - Final Days with LOTS of pics

Day 6. Thursday. Well, we didn’t go into North Carolina today! Weather had predicted more thunderstorms passing thru and I didn’t want to chance it. Hubby and I went out for a brief bit. Wanted to go back to the “Farmers Market” and hit a few “antique” shops. I bought a candle for my neighbor who took care of my dogs for me. I also bought a cute little bowl to put into my scrap cabinet to use as storage. Isn’t it cute?

I was looking at the skies and it was getting a little “dark” for my tastes. I told hubby we need to hurry because I remember how FAST the rain came the other night and I didn’t want to get caught trying to drive up a mountainside!! We stopped at the Dollar General because, well, I needed more Diet Coke to go with my Coconut Rum! LOL No. Seriously. I did. By this time, my driving skills had definitely improved, but I really didn’t want to chance it. It started raining. It wasn’t really hard, but you could see that it was coming! Our son was a little worried about us, because apparently, the “Storm” had passed thru by the cabin! It was a flashback to the other night. By the grace of God, we had missed it! BUT, you could see all the debris left behind on the road. GREAT. NOT driving an “off-road” vehicle, remember? We made it. Without any undo craziness!! Whew! That was close.

I cooked again tonight. We had porkchops and veggies. It was a good meal. After, since we didn’t go to North Carolina today, we decided to go back and use our “Free” coupons for putt putt, but this time, play the “Diamond” course. No hole in one for anyone tonight. Aww. Also decided not to take a picture. We got back early. Before dark. That’s always good. LOL We played cards. I dug DEEP for change so we could have some money to play with. I think we all got about $2 in change. Poor Ryan. Wasn’t doing so well! We played for a while, then decided to make it an early night! We were going to go and get breakfast in the morning then head to the Biltmore House!

Day 7. Friday. We went to “Mel’s Diner” for breakfast! Nope, Alice wasn’t there and neither was Flo. Our waitress was great! She was too funny. Been working as a waitress for 22 years! I gave her a hard time for she “messed” up our order just a bit! Nothing major. It was all in good fun! Once we left there, we headed to North Carolina. We apparently took the “Scenic Route.” It was about a 2 hour drive, but it was nice. Thank goodness kids 16 and younger got in free this summer because it cost $50 each for hubby and me!! That’s $100 just to go to the house. It also gained us access to the Farm and the Winery, where there was FREE wine tasting. My daughter said there ought to be MORE FREE stuff when it cost what it did! LOL I was disappointed because I couldn’t take pictures INSIDE the house! What a shame. We took some pictures outside. The house is spectacular. I think Ryan’s favorite part was the indoor pool. Think 1930’s. Subway tile. Wooden ladders. It was all indoors AND in the basement part! The deepest part was 10 feet! Across from the pool was the “Gymnasium.” All wooded stuff. It was cool. There were also about 6 separate “Dressing Rooms” for guests! I thought that was cool. My kids commented on the beds. They were small compared to beds now. I told them, way back then, food was so natural that a “Tall” man was about 5’7”, there wasn’t hormones that they have now. People weren’t as “Big” as they are now. Overall, it took us just over an hour to tour the home. It was nice. We drove out and around passed the winery, but we still had another hour before the next tasting and tour, so we decided against it. The land/property was spectacular! We stopped when we saw geese! I took a few pics.
Here are some pictures from the day:

I was really disappointed that I couldn't take pictures INSIDE the place! How do you tell a "Scrapbooker" she CAN'T take pictures?! The grounds were spectacular! Anyway,
we headed back and decided we would go to Bennett’s BBQ for dinner. It was absolutely delicious! I had baby back ribs and chicken. Also some cole slaw and green beans. And YES! I ate it all!! They also served a cornbread muffin with it. I ate that too! LOL There is something about being in the mountains and eating!! Now, it was 10 a.m. when we had breakfast. It was now 6 and we didn’t have lunch!! That was how most of our days went: big breakfast, late dinner! Anyway, why am I justifying my meals while on vacation to you? It’s none of your business. Really. I don’t judge you. Well, not out loud anyway! LOL ;-)

Day 8. Final/Departure Day

Well, we knew that as soon as we got back to our cabin, we needed to start gathering our items to pack. The plan was to leave about 9 a.m. and go back to the “Red Rooster” for breakfast before hitting the road home. I lost my large memory card for my camera! I did upload the pictures, but I can’t seem to find it. Hoping maybe it turns up when we get home, but, I’m not holding my breath. We ended up leaving about 9:30 and headed over to get breakfast. I’m not going to tell you what I ate. Don’t judge me!! I know you are. Ryan, the first time there, ordered pancakes. Not just any pancakes. Bavarian Crème pancakes!! He ate maybe half. Talk about sugar overload! This time, he ordered Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip pancakes. O. M. G.! He again could only eat maybe half. He did finish my breakfast instead! I tried his. They were good. Rich. But good. It reminded me of a sandwich my grandmother used to make me and my mom did also, when I was a small child. They would take creamy peanut butter in a bowl and mix in syrup until the consistency was just smooth enough to spread on white bread. Such sweet, great memories! Now, grant it, you can only eat that is small doses!! My hubby ordered a “Skillet” meal and the “child’s” version of the Bavarian Crème pancakes! Just enough “sweetness” to finish a meal. My “Skillet” meal consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham served on a bed of hashbrowns and topped with cheese. YUM – E! I told you not to judge me!! I will be fasting all next week. AND hitting the gym. Well, I’ll try anyway. Told my friend Glynda that I needed to stay away from the “highway scales” for fear they would take us off the road because of the “tonnage.” She was also complaining she needed to get back to working out for she gained 7 pounds! Once I get to work and get a “routine” we WILL go and work out again in the mornings! I told her to stay away from the Airport Scales in the meantime! LOL

We arrived back at home about 9:30 or so. We had stopped for dinner because I had nothing at home. I needed to get to the grocery tomorrow. We unloaded the car and I put some things away. I just wanted to get into the tub and wash away the drive. My dogs were SO SO happy to see us! Riley peed on me! He hadn’t done that in a very long time. Now, my neighbor came over every day, 4 times a day to let them out. They were NOT neglected in any way. Riley loves Lora! They were loved. I was glad to not have put them in a kennel for a week. He would have been hoarse from whining and crying! It has happened before.

Well, that was our week all “wrapped up” for you. I decided to post according to the days of this week. I knew that it would be crazy with getting back to work and all. Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry I missed a day or two this week. It has been crazy! Hope you had a good weekend.

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kelliebean said...

Great pics of the Biltmore and of you all! But seriously, when did you start listening to people who said not to take pictures? I seem to remember a little incident about a year ago... ;)