Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mountain Vacation: Days 5 & 6

Day 5 of our Vacation. Wednesday. I awakened about 9. Did not want to sleep any later. I made pancakes for breakfast. They were good. Hubby and I decided to tour out to some shops he wanted to visit. Me, I wanted to go to the scrapbook store I saw the other day! ;-) Hit a “clearance” store where everything was discounted PLUS you got 50% off your total order! I got about 20 sheets of paper and a couple of other items and wound up spending only $10!
Then I walked next door to a LSS and found some Ranger Inks I didn’t have and knew that I couldn’t get at my local Mike’s. Picked up the last issue of “Simple Scrapbooks” magazine along with the month before. I was done. There wasn’t anything else that I needed. Hubby and I stopped at the grocery for more milk and a couple of items, then came back to the cabin. It was not a nice drive! It had started raining. I was worried about trying to get up the mountainside.
We made it. Whew! Tonight we are queing some burgers! Plan on having a semi-early night because tomorrow, I want to drive to Asheville, North Carolina to the Biltmore House! We are about an hour away and it will make a great “Day Trip.” I plan on packing some sandwiches and such. Hopefully there won’t be any rain. We’ll see. Catch you guys later.
Wait! Hold the fort. You ARE NOT GONNA BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! @ 8:30 p.m. the power goes out. Big Deal, right? True, but rain is coming over the mountains. I have pictures. Not your typical shower. It’s still rather light out. Remember, it stays light until @ 9 or so. Nice breeze blowing. We notice that the floor by the windows {which you cannot open!} are leaking! Nice. Had a towel nearby. Next, decide we should call the guard shack to let them know we have no power. About 30 minutes had gone by. Cell phones. NO SERVICE! No problem. We do have landline in cabin. NOPE. It’s a cordless, therefore, won’t work without electricity! NOW WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO???? On the side porch facing the cabin next to us. Gentleman lets us know they got intouch with the owner who in turn, would let the guardshack know we had no power. In the binder we have, it states, “Power outages are rare.” Yeah right. Now it has gotten really dark! In the mountains. Did I mention that there are NO CANDLES OR LIGHTING here in the cabin? Nope. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Good thing my “cop” hubby brought his police flashlight! Good thinking baby! ;-) Now at this time, my sis and I are texting back and forth. She asks, “How far is the nearest store?” I reply, “If you think I am going down THIS MOUNTAIN, in the DARK, while it’s RAINING, not just no, but HELL NO!!” Again, I remind you of any and ALL HORROR movies out there. “Camp Crystal Lake” comes to mind. She tells me to enjoy the “silence.” Umm, HELLOOOOO!! Have you ever been in the mountains, in the dark? There IS NO SILENCE!! All the “creatures” are out there plotting their revenge! Seriously. Those raccoons are planning on coming back. Again. The ONLY nice thing is that I see “lightning bugs!” Now, by this time, it is very, very dark. I can see across the valley that THOSE cabins have power! We’re on vacation, this should not be happening. My son is upstairs in my bed. Daughter is in her bed on the main level and I am also on the main level. I decide to watch a movie on the portable DVD player. So I watch “Mamma Mia.” I need an uplifting scene to watch. Finally, I get up to go and get in the bed with my daughter and the power comes back on! YAY! It’s about 12:30 a.m. Great. I decide to head up to my own bed. Send son downstairs. I fall asleep. I wake about 7:30 and my hubby is already awake. Apparently power had gone out again during the early morning. Stayed out for about 2 hours. I lay in the bed until about 9 and get up to make some breakfast. Not a pretty day. So much for going into North Carolina. I am not about to drive down this mountain and into another part of the mountain range, when there are storms brewing about! There is a “Flash Flood Watch” in effect until 3 p.m. Guess we’ll go tomorrow and just play putt putt golf tonight. No biggie. I think I’ll just get out and take a walk or something. I do have my book to read plus 2 new “Simple Scrapbook” magazines. Hubby tells me that the “coons” came back again last night and got in to the garbage. Again. Joy. This is WHY we couldn’t leave the doors open last night for the breezes!! Can only imagine WHAT would have been in this cabin.

Day 6. Thursday. Well, we didn’t go into North Carolina today! Weather had predicted more thunderstorms passing thru and I didn’t want to chance it. Hubby and I went out for a brief bit. Wanted to go back to the “Farmers Market” and hit a few “antique” shops. I bought a candle for my neighbor who took care of my dogs for me. I also bought a cute little bowl to put into my scrap cabinet to use as storage. Isn’t it cute? I was looking at the skies and it was getting a little “dark” for my tastes. I told hubby we need to hurry because I remember how FAST the rain came the other night and I didn’t want to get caught trying to drive up a mountainside!! We stopped at the Dollar General because, well, I needed more Diet Coke to go with my Coconut Rum! LOL No. Seriously. I did. By this time, my driving skills had definitely improved, but I really didn’t want to chance it. It started raining. It wasn’t really hard, but you could see that it was coming! Our son was a little worried about us, because apparently, the “Storm” had passed thru by the cabin! It was a flashback to the other night. By the grace of God, we had missed it! BUT, you could see all the debris left behind on the road. GREAT. NOT driving an “off-road” vehicle, remember? We made it. Without any undo craziness!! Whew! That was close.
I cooked again tonight. We had porkchops and veggies. It was a good meal. After, since we didn’t go to North Carolina today, we decided to go back and use our “Free” coupons for putt putt, but this time, play the “Diamond” course. No hole in one for anyone tonight. Aww. Also decided not to take a picture. We got back early. Before dark. That’s always good. LOL We played cards. I dug DEEP for change so we could have some money to play with. I think we all got about $2 in change. Poor Ryan. Wasn’t doing so well! We played for a while, then decided to make it an early night! We were going to go and get breakfast in the morning then head to the Biltmore House!
I'll post more pictures by the weekend!! God Bless. Enjoy your day!


kelliebean said...

lol! What an adventure!

Kristin said...

Looks like you had a great time! Welcome back to the blogging world, lol!