Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday on our Mountain Vacation

Day 3 of our Vacation. Monday. We awakened and left about noon or so. The above pic is what we saw as we were headed down the mountainside! We then headed into Pigeon Forge for a late breakfast. We knew we didn’t want some “chain” restaurant for breakfast. Decided on “Red Rooster.” It was the BEST! I ordered “Pigs in the Blanket” which were pancakes rolled around sausage. Emilie got a breakfast burrito, Ryan got pancakes. Not just ANY pancakes. Bavarian Crème pancakes! OMGoodness! Hubby got some blueberry pancakes. We all ended up trying each others. Gail, our server, was the best! That breakfast lasted us the ENTIRE day. We drove into Gatlinburg and spent most of the afternoon there. We rode up the ski lift that was there. The same one my hubby and I rode 17 years ago while we were “honeymooning!” We walked around the area and went to the resort where we had stayed. Gatlinburg has grown SO MUCH!! We stopped at Ben & Jerry’s for some ice cream. That was a good break. After walking around for a while, we decided to head back to Pigeon Forge. I had to go shopping for some clothes for my new job. White shirts and navy pants. Went to a “Belz Outlet Mall.” Got lucky at Dress Barn! Not so lucky with finding a pair of shoes. I swear, I went into 4 different stores and found NOTHING!! Oh, did I mention, today was my Birthday?! Yep. Joy. We had Damon’s for dinner. Happy. Black Bean Springrolls. YUM! I sure do miss those. Came back to our cabin and hung out. I was really tired. My legs and body ached from going up and down all these stairs in the cabin AND climbing trails in the mountain! Took a nice, long bath in our whirlpool tub. Ahhhhhh. Such relief. Taught my son how to play “Boo-ray” a card game that I played as a child. He is hooked! Too bad he doesn’t have any money to bet with! ;-) Another late night.
Here are some pictures of our day! Enjoy.

A groundhog!! Seriously.
Emilie and Ryan as we are heading back.

a creek that we crossed over.
Didn't realize how STEEP it actually was!!

View overlooking Gatlinburg. Absolutely breathtaking!

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kelliebean said...

I haven't been to Gatlinburg in so long - I love that place! It looks so cool and refreshing. :)

Bavarian Creme Pancakes?! Are you kidding me??? My egg white/veggie omlette sounds so blech now.