Monday, May 18, 2009

Project 365 - Catch Up! {again!} LOADED w/pics!

Well, it's been some time since I've posted any of my project pictures! So, let me get started! Hang on, refresh that "caffeinated" beverage! LOL

Well, I should stop now. You might be overloaded on caffeine!! As you can see, I have more, but I'll post those later. I still need to print all of them to place into my album.

As you can see from my Ticker on the left, I only have a matter of days left with my "chikens!" I've started "cleaning house" of items I no longer will need. I will be donating some items to charity, but I will ask the 2 moms if their new sitter might need them!

I have been able to scrap a few pages along the way! Feels good to sit at my new area. I am still trying to get it just right. It'll come in time.

Gonna end now. Still trying to "clean" while the "chikens" are napping! Catch you guys later. God Bless.


Jingle said...

These look great! I'm impressed at how well you've down with this project!

kelliebean said...

Holy cow! You've been busy!

What's up with the 2 baby doxies? Did I miss something? :)