Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life Update

Well guys, the major source of my blog inspiration will be ending. Soon. Like today. It is the last day for 2 of my “chickens” who’s parents are Educators. The teachers had to go to school today to finalize all the grades and get report cards ready to be mailed out. I am on track with my new job. Should be hearing something soon about when the “Training Classes” will begin. Hopefully by the time I return from my vacation. I leave on June 6th. Heading to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Haven’t been there since my honeymoon in 1992! This time, I WILL go to Dollywood! LOL

I guess I’ll have to start showing you all my scrapbooking pages here! That’s if I can get any done! I am doing well with keeping up with my 365 Project! I just have some journaling to do, but other than that, gee, we are half way thru the year! WOW. I am looking forward to a little “work break.” I have some serious house cleaning to do. Spring sprung a few weeks back and I’m behind. WHAT?! Now, we’re fixing to head into Hurricane Season! I need to get prepared for that as well. We’ve been pretty lucky so far. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself???!

Well, I just wanted to update you on my life so far! Not very interesting. Sorry. I’ll do better. Really. I. will. I need to go and fix lunch. One of my “chiken’s” parent should be here in about ½ hour. She was able to leave early today. Enjoy your day. God Bless.

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