Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Katrina" Graduates

As some of you may know, I went to my niece's high school graduation ceremony on Friday night. The only drawback to going was driving 2 hours to get there! It was held at Boothville Middle School gymnasium. It was really pretty! Decorated very nicely. There were a total of 45 students who graduated that night. That wasn't the surprising part. The surprising part was, that wasn't just one school! Nope. It was 3 schools combined! Port Sulphur, Buras, and Boothville, now, pretty much known as "South Plaquemines." These kids were Freshmen when school started in August 2005. School was in session less than 2 weeks when on August 29th, Hurricane Katrina hit. On August 30th, no one knew anything about their community except for the fact that it was completely and utterly, under water! 30 foot storm surge washed everything completely away. My own family's home, my sister and brother in law, were included in that! My own high school gym had water all the way up to the ceiling!
These students didn't know if they had a home to return to, much less a school. They were displaced. They attended schools out of town. Many, many, many months later, students returned. Their class, those who returned, had been reunited. They continued on their high school journey. This Senior class was known as "The Katrina Babies." They managed to attend their classes. Increase their overall grade scores and finish this year, after the Leap Testing, had finish 2nd in the State! That was an achievement all its own. Their Football team took State in their district. Yes, they had overcome many obstacles and roadblocks, and they were not deterred. I was very proud that night. Very proud. A few of the graduates were children of students I went to school with! THAT was very surprising! 25 years ago. Cannot believe that. Many scholarships were given and I do mean MANY! Surprising at the amount! The Valedictorian who delivered a wonderful, tearjerking speech, received a FULL scholarship to Tulane University in New Orleans! Others received scholarships to La. Tech in Ruston. There were "Sports Scholarships" and "Citizenship" scholarships. Yes, the money was flowing! The whole ceremony took about an hour. It was enjoyable. We went back to my sister's to eat and have some cake, then we had to leave! My niece wasn't attending any parties until Saturday night and next weekend. It was a nice visit. Yes, I was a proud Nanny/Aunt. Here are just a few pictures of the MANY I took! I hope to create a little book for her. One where she can mark her own journaling in. A keepsake of her graduation. I will get on that soon. Here are the pictures.

Well, that is a portion of the ceremony and activities. She is glad to be done. Really, what Senior isn't happy to be done with school?! She will be off to college. I'm not exactly sure what or where she will be going yet, but she will finalize everything in the coming week!
The weather held up for us on the drive. We hit a little rain, but not enough to "blind" us. My son's canoeing trip was canceled due to the upcoming bad weather!
Saturday, I hung around and was able to go and get my hair cut. Too funny. My sister had me and Lexie's mom in there. We were laughing so hard. I told my sister to go ahead and cut my hair short! She did. Lexie's mom was saying, "Good thing you can't see the back! That hole will have to have a 'comb-over'!" She said all these comments with a straight face. Then of course, she wouldn't let me live it down that I will not be babysitting anymore! Geez. She said Lexie was crying that she wanted mom to stay home cause Veronica isn't watching kids anymore. Poor girl was traumatized! I told her, "she'll get over it." LOL We went back and forth. Too funny. Anyway, I'll take a picture of my new haircut once I wash and style it! Right now, it's not the way I like. My sister knows how I am. I need it colored now too!!
Well, gonna head off to bed shortly. My last week is beginning tomorrow! Wow. It really did go by quickly. Have a good night and I'll get back to you again soon. I have to post about my last week!! God Bless.


Kristin said...

It's always great to hear about others that have faced difficult things and have overcome them! Great photos btw!

Mary Lou said...

what a WONDERFUL story. Would love to see something like this on the news instead of all the bad stuff!!! Makes me tear up to hear about it!