Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And the winner is ...

... this strap by Leslie

I may end up purchasing another, but for now! I received my camera yesterday. Can I just tell you? All day I waited. and waited. and waited. Normally, twice a day, the UPS truck comes down my street. I live in a Cul-de-sac. Once about 11 a.m. and again around 1:30 - 2 o'clock. We had some horrid weather in the a.m., but by noon, the sun had come out. At 5:40 p.m. what shows up in front of my house? UPS. I had to hold myself back from running to his truck and yanking it from his hands! Lexie's mom was there, so that helped restrain me from looking like an idiot! She watched as I opened the box. Ahhh, that new camera smell!! Very impressed with it. Looking for the battery. Pulled out all the brochures and crap they put in the box. Charger. Check. computer cables. check. strap. check. lens cap. check. Lens hood. check. Battery. Battery? Hello? Don't see it. Hmm. Strange. Okay, not a problem. I'll go to Sam's. Decide to check website out first. Nope. Best Buy. Check. $50! Wow. You'd think for the price I paid for the camera, there would be a battery! Go to Best Buy. Pick up the battery AND a larger Memory Card than my son's! hee hee. All set. Get home. Put the battery in the charger. Begin typing my daughter's Speech essay. Finish that. Glance down at the Camera box on the floor and decide to pick it up. GUESS what I SEE? Yep. BATTERY! It was on the side of this white shelf-looking thing. I could have saved $50! What an idiot! I should have known that there would be a battery. I mean really. Oh well. Like I told my hubby, it's good to have 2. 1 for backup. Have to justify it somehow! I hope the strap comes by Friday. We have our church's "Vineyard at the Park" Friday night. I will again bring my camera! I got some fun pics last year! Here is a digi layout I did of my son and I on a ride:

It will be another hot, humid night I'm sure. Wow. Just realized the date will almost exactly be the same! This year it will be "May 8th." How funny.
Have to play with my camera and all the settings. It has a "Night Shot" setting on it. It's pretty freaky if you ask me. Let me show you the 2 I took.

I told you they're "Freaky" looking. Kinda reminds me of that movie a few years back that those kids made. Can't remember the name, but you know it!
I also need to check the settings for "Rapid" shots. You know, where I can continue to keep taking pictures without the "delay" you get between shots. Yep. A lot to learn.

Okay. Need to get back to "work." These "chikens" can't feed themselves! Well, they can if I give them the food they need! LOL Have a great day! God Bless.

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kelliebean said...

Excellent choice!

Those nighttime pics are way creepy. :) We have some like that (also video!) of us watching the parade at WDW.