Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tales!

Isn't that a great title? Seriously. I kinda like it. So deal with it! LOL
Let me start with Saturday! I walked in the "March of Dimes, March for Babies." It was just over 3 miles. I did it in 50 minutes, although I tried to do it in less time than the United Way's Bridge Walk, but, my back would not let me "jog" part of the way! :( It was a straight course. No hills or rough terrain. It was at LaSalle Park. It has beaucoup baseball fields and soccer fields and not a one was empty! Here are some pictures of the day.

This one is of some "Chilren's Activities" that were taking place. Face Painting.

Here is one of the "crowd" waiting to warm up before the walk:

Here is our "Crew!"

Here is Glynda and Myself!

SHE did not go the 3 miles! HA! She went only 2. Something to do with the kids getting tired and cranky. Poor Excuse! ;-)
Here are a couple from the course:

Starting Point:

The sign of the name of the park, along with the temp! LOL It really wasn't that bad. A nice breeze kept us going!

Here is one of the trail:

It was a fun day. Glynda wants me to walk in the "Relay for Life" walk that is taking place May 16th. It is at another park/playground. There is also one in Atlanta she wants me to participate in. Sounds good! Guess I better stay in shape!
Now, on with my "P365." I cannot believe I have completed 1/3 of it! Wow. AND, I'm actually caught up. Here are the last 10 days:

I have yesterday's to do, but other than that, I am caught up! Will print and place in the album and then journal. That is what I'm behind on. The journaling. Only about a week. I'll work on it this week and get it all together.
Well, that's about it. You are as caught up as me! I'll have to catch ya later. God Bless!

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kelliebean said...

Great pics of the walk, and what a great cause! I wanted to do Race for the Cure out here, but we've been so busy with family things, I just couldn't commit to it. Maybe next year... :)