Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The "TALK"

The time has come. I need to have the "talk" with my Teen. You know the "Talk." It follows this video.

We let our "Teen" drive home from Baton Rouge on Saturday. She does well. Yes. My. "Teen". is. a. GIRL! She went thru the whole "driving school" thing and passed. And not "just passed" either. Anyway, we are on our way home and I am in the back seat. I lie down for my back is bothering me and I doze. I awakened to hear {don't panic!}

my hubby snoring!!! This is NOT good. I look to see where we are and notice that she passed up our exit! My hubby told her which one to take. {we had the conversation later about him napping while she is driving!} I tell my daughter, "You didn't think to wake your dad? Were you going to wait until we got into New Orleans before you realized you went too far? Do you NOT know where we live? HELLO!! We travel it ALL. THE. TIME. geesh." I think the "Contract" needs to include: wake the sleeping parent if you are not sure where you are going! I did tell her I would not let her forget this! Just think, I have to do it all again when my son starts driving! I am NOT ready for that!

Now about that "other" talk with my teen daughter. Well, let's just say it's a good thing she doesn't want children! I have told her what my dad told me, "Bring an aspirin and hold it with your knees. Whatever you do, don't drop it!"Shy WhistlerScared 1 My dad. He's a "Hoot!" Gotta love him. He's all I got.
Actually, I think "THAT" talk is a lot easier than teaching them to drive. Definitely a lot shorter! LOL

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kelliebean said...

Oh, my...The Talk. Yep. Started that process a while back. (Insert your freak-out, pale smiley here!)

Actually, I think the driver's license is more harrowing! ;)