Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, I had a "semi-productive" weekend. Friday night I took my daughter for her dance pictures. There a whole 15 minutes! LOVE IT!! Saturday morning, I did the 5K Bridge Walk. Beautiful morning. I completed it in 44:20! So proud of myself. Beat my old record! Here are some pictures of the morning:

The above is the "Finish Line." Clock was on the right! After, there was a "party" with lots to drink and eat! Hot dogs, jambalaya, fruit, water, soft drinks, beer! There were lots of "Bounce 'n Jumps" for the littles. A Band was there for our entertainment. I stayed a little bit, then got on one of the school buses to take me back across the river. I was let off at the other side and walked the levee home. Just over 2 miles! So, I logged in over 5 miles for the day! Here are some pictures of my walk home:

Then, to rub it in some more, hubby boiled crawfish!!

I honestly didn't eat that much. Too tired. We are going to do it again Friday. This time I will also fry some fish and fries! We'll invite my neighbors over!!

Got caught up with my P365. Printed the last 20 days! Put them into album this a.m. Have to journal now! Here are the last couple of days:

I also cleaned up my scrap space and put away the table!! Seriously. THAT should be my P365 of today! Gonna go and take picture.
Well, have to go and start fixing lunch for the "chikens." Hope to get a page or two scrapped while they are napping! Also need to figure out what is going to be for dinner tonight!? Hmm. Have a great day! God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an exhausting day!

Beautiful photos by the way too!

kelliebean said...

So very "Louisiana!" :) Great pics - and wtg on the walking!!

Kristin said...

Very impressed with the 5K walk! That meal is making me very hungry!