Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update {sorry, no Dennis Miller!} ;-)

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Well, Good evening! What a long week! Wish my weekend was a little longer. Like an extra day longer! Friday night we {hubby, daughter and me} went out to eat. We went to Chevy's. I had a very good margarita! It was Raspberry and Strawberry! YUM! Came home with most of my meal! It was still somewhat raining when we left restaurant. Had to stop at Lowe's for a wheelbarrow for we were having a pallet of sod delivered on Saturday. Good thing there was a guy there that knew hubby and lived in our area! Cause he had a truck. 'nuf said. LOL
On our way home we decided to stop by the school to see if they had posted "The List." It was posted! Daughter was nervous about getting out to look and so she asked me to go with her. I did. There were others who were milling about as well, getting a look also. My daughter did not make the team! There were only 23 girls on the team. Smaller than last year! Very surprising. She was okay about it, although I wasn't! She worked very hard this year. Although, I am kinda glad she isn't with that kind of group. On Saturday, I took her to get her hair colored and cut! She had cut 4 inches off! After our day at the Salon, we went to Olive Garden for a late lunch, early dinner. We then headed downtown to the French Market. Had a good time. Weather was great! I tried to get her to take a picture in front of this standing statue, but she wouldn't. I did get her to sit with my sister at this one:

She is so funny! She doesn't know how to have fun. To be a "Tourist" in our own town! It really is a lot of fun. Especially down in the Quarter and the outskirts of it, in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. There are definitely some characters around there!! Lots of street vendors and such! If you love to "People Watch" that is THE PLACE to be!
We are going to try to go to the "French Quarter Fest" next month. We tried last year, but could not find a place to park!! We'll plan a little better this year. It is a "prequel" to the N.O. Jazz and Heritage Festival that follows in late April and early May.

Well, I am caught up with my Project 365. Well, by "caught up" I mean they are done, but not printed and put into the album! LOL In due time. Here they are:

Well, I have some last minute things to do before I hit the "hay." Hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a wonderful week! God Bless.

Last but not least, I ran into this at my friend "Bean's" blog. Take a look:

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kelliebean said...

Boo for Emilie not making the dance team, but yay for mom taking her to the salon and Olive Garden!

I had no idea Chevy's had anything besides mango margaritas (I assume they have food as well?!). ;) Learn something new every day!