Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Got a Good Thing Going On!

You know, back in July of 2007, I joined a "little" scrapbook message board. Didn't subscribe to the magazine at the time, but I really LOVED this board! I felt I had definitely made a "connection" to some of the people there. A real "friendship" if you will. We had this comraderie that ranged from seriousness to downright silliness! It was a lot of fun. "WAS!" and I say this with a saddened heart. During that time, they changed it 3 times! Now the 1st time, it was an absolute MESS! Couldn't log in. Couldn't post. It was in "Beta format." Which is GREEK to me! All I know, there were problems. Finally, everyone could start getting back in. Great. Going Smoothly. Then BAM! MORE problems. I would log in, but couldn't respond to a post. I would get constant error messages. I lost contact! What was I to do? Then, I receive an email from a "Member." They had started up another message board to help "ease the transition" of MORE changes taking place on the old board. The new board was great! It was simplistic. It was friendly. I felt at home! We started small. Got up to about 50 members. We were one BIG family. I even got to meet 3 of them in real life! We have now doubled membership! Some of our old "friends" from the old message board have found their way to us. It is starting to feel like it was years ago! Apparently the "Old Board" made ANOTHER change! Now, occasionally I check in, but it is not the same! I am done with it. I have found a new home. No need to go back. Time to move on.
Some of the comments and posts that are made! I chuckle out loud! Here is an example:

"Is it possible to spend $3000/month on supplies?"

"Katie Holmes has become a scrapbooking addict - and she’s dedicated an entire room in her $35 million Beverly Hills mansion to her new hobby, sources say.

“Katie’s always been artistic, making homemade cards for friends, and sketching designs for clothes,” a close friend confided to The Enquirer.

Her mom turned her on to scrapbooking, and now she spends more than $3,000 a month on scrapbook materials! Her scrapbooking room is incredibly elaborate with ribbons, labels, decals and paper meticiously organized on beams that run from one wall to another…

She put together a gift scrapbook for close pals Victoria and David Beckham to commemorate their first year in the US, said the source.

Since then she’s made books for her husband Tom Cruise’s mother and sister, their close friends Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and she’s already working on books for her co-stars in the upcoming Broadway play “All My Sons”…

Katie spends hours scrapbooking with her 2 year-old daughter Suri - and helped her stepdaughter Isabella, 15, make a scrapbook for her mom, Nicole Kidman… and [her] new daughter, said the source.

“Bella wanted baby Sunday to have a keepsake with pictures and mementos from her life and her brother Connor’s life,” said the source.

Is that even Possible?"

Then the comments proceed! Here is just one: "She probably bought stuff for her new scrap room--shelves, desk, maybe she bought EVERY die cutting machine out there (that alone would be about $1800) if she purchase Pazzles, SIL, Cricuit Exp, Big shot, Cuttlebug, Slice. Plus, for every thing we buy in regular store, the rich and famous have boutique stores that charge 4x what we pay.

So maybe she just OVERPAID! Laughing"

Then we discuss each other's work and offer advice, prayers, support for anything else that is needed! We also offer "Challenges" that take you "Out of the Box" and your "Comfort Zone."

I'm really happy I've found this place and they've found me. I am also very happy to be a part of an awesome group of women!

Just a little "gushing" today. If you're interested in checking out what I'm talking about and you're into Scrapbooking, leave me a comment! I'll send you in the right direction of FUN! ;-) Have a good evening. God Bless!


Anonymous said...

You think maybe she hires someone to do all that scrapbooking for her???

Jaimie Lea said...

I'm glad we have a home on the little board too.