Friday, February 13, 2009

It's FRIDAY!! {fill-in time}

Here it is:

1. It seems like forever.

2. Can you tell me when you're done, please?

3. If I thought you would leave I'd go!

4. A good, tight hug is what I think of most when I think of you.

5. To me, Valentine's Day means red and pink and white CUPCAKES!

6. My Faith gives me strength.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Lexie, tomorrow my plans include more Boot Camp and Sunday, I want to sleep!

Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day!Valentine rain hearts Valentine heart bottleBeating Heart

What are your plans? Me? Not much. We don't usually go all out for Valentine's anymore. It's more about my kids. I got my daughter a silver bracelet with hearts. I'll give it to her tomorrow.
Today is also, "Friday the 13th!" In 1911, "Triskaidekaphobia" was derived and it first appeared mainstream in 1953. It means, the fear of "Friday the 13th!" We have 2 more "Friday the 13th's" this year, March and November. Next year, only 1 month, August and the next year, May! Pretty interesting, huh? Google it. Or go to the Wikipedia site. Lots of history of Friday the 13th. Go. Learn something new today!! One year, my hubby's birthday fell on a Friday. It was October 13! It actually turned out to be a pretty crappy day!! It wasn't until later that evening after all the "issues" of the day, that we actually realized it was FRIDAY THE 13TH!! So, we went into the day like any other day!! Funny how things go.
I am currently, STILL, working on a layout with a picture of my mother. When I complete it, I'll post. I now need to go and work on my Project 365 photos/layouts. I'll post those later.
Have a great day! Don't let the date bother you. Enjoy your "Valentine" of choice! God Bless.

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kelliebean said...

Loved that calf from yesterday. Had all us girls here ooohing and aaawwwwing. ;)

I've got writer's block AGAIN. Ugh. Maybe I'll check out the fill-ins today. Or maybe I'll just go into town and buy up lots of Valentine's Day candy instead!

Happy Friday!