Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue Monday

Can't believe it's Monday already!! Just where does the time go? Saturday, I went to Boot Camp. Also on Saturday, my daughter drove! Yup. She took the Driver's Ed course over the Christmas break and now she needs 6 hours of driving time. Her first 3 were on Saturday! Received a phone call Friday night from the Instructor asking if she could drive and I told him "yes!" I then had to call her, she was at a friend's sleeping over, to tell her she had to be home by 10 a.m. She wasn't too thrilled. She did well. I was able to take pictures when she returned. I was gone by the time she finally left. She comments, "can't believe she brought out the camera." The instructor with her, laughs and says, come closer! HE appreciated it! LOL That turned out to be my Saturday pic for the 365 album! She is going today after school to finish up. THAT, she isn't ready for!! They will be going onto the interstate. She's driven it before. Thank goodness we've let her drive before taking this course. Kinda takes the "pressure" off, ya know?
I woke up this morning kinda congested and a little sore throat. All day yesterday, I sneezed! Guess I have a cold. Shucks. That really sucks. This weather sucks. All weekend it was warm. In the 70's. Rain is coming in later tonight and tomorrow, then cooler. I really wish it would make up it's mind!! It's going to make it difficult to work out feeling like this. But I will go.

Here are the last couple of days Project 365. I have already printed them to put into the album. YAY!!!

I did our taxes yesterday. I finally went and bought the software. {reminds me, have to mail off for rebate!!} Not getting back as much as last year due to the fact my hubby worked a LOT of details for Motiva and there were no taxes taken out! Oh well. Not too bad. Will still be able to pay for our cabin in Tennessee come June when we go on vacation. I'm not at the "OMG can't wait to go on vacation" mode yet. Hubby is. More than likely go during my birthday week. No beach vacation this year. Something totally different. Which is fine with me. I'm looking for something "laid back." I'll bring lots of books again this year. Once things are finalized, I'll let ya know when we're going and WHERE we will be going!! LOL
Gotta go and feed the "chikens." Have a great day. God Bless..........................

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kelliebean said...

I need to do our taxes too. Is Turbo Tax good? I've never used it before - always rely on my brain. ;o) We're using our refund on a family reunion trip. Hmm...I'll have to give you some background on that one later!

My dd gets her permit later this year, too. We - well, Uncle Bri used to let her drive HIS Jeep up at our Grandma's! Everyone in our family learned to drive up there. Too fun! Happy Monday (our weather is icky, too)!