Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's your "Word?"

Your Word is "Love"

You see life as possibility to form deep connections with a few people.

Relationships are the center of your world, and you always take time to bond with those you love.

You are caring and giving. You enjoy helping those you love.

And when it comes to romantic love, you feel passionately ... even in a very long term relationship.

I hijacked this from "Bean." Go check it out. It was fun!!
Look what I got this afternoon:

It was from a Parent to "Thank" me for taking care of her sick son AND washing her clothes. He had thrown up all over her and my floor.
Well, gotta cut this short. Boot camp starts in 15 mins. and I have a Volleyball game at 8:30! I'll catch you up later. God Bless......


kelliebean said...

woo-hoo! High 5 on the "Love"! :)

Gorgeous flowers - they look like some I got a few years back (okay, like 10+ years ago) that smelled absolutely glorious. They made the whole house smell sooooo goooood!

Brock Family said...

I love your play list! And what pretty flowers! My DH has been throwing up too...guess it's going around!