Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday Already?!

Wow. What a week I've had and it's only Wednesday. Let's see. I've started going to the gym in the evenings instead of 5 a.m. in the morning! That's a good thing. I started with two new "baby chikens" on Monday. Both are 3 mos. old and 1 is a boy and the other a girl! My 1 and only girl. Yesterday was a long day! I actually looked forward to going to the gym! LOL
Today, only the "baby boy chiken" is here. "baby girl chik" will return on Friday. I'm taking it a little easier today. I think. My neighbor was here this morning putting her child on the bus. I commented about having to put dinner in the crockpot. She says, "I need to learn to do that." I reply, "You know, Dinner. That meal you eat at the end of the day, before retiring for the night?" She says, "Yeah, I know. I get mine from a window!" Laughing 2
I tell her, "Yeah. NOT mine!" She is too funny. She is my workout buddy! I'm sooooo gonna cream her at "Boot Camp." We have become "Competitive" against each other. Such a shame she is going to miss 2 days after the first day! darn. oh well.Funny, Good, Happy, Emotion, Excited, Excite, Silly, Excitement, Hurray, Encouragement, Applause, Groovy, Fun, Great, Awesome, Teriffic, Good Job, Nice Job, Well Done, Best, Encouragement, Fan, Cheering, Success, Fantastic, Cheer
Here are my pictures for Day 6, and 7:

Now, I know they seem the same, but, I've taken other pictures. This was just the start. I figured if I document the fact that I'm taking vitamins, maybe I'll continue to do so the rest of the year!? One can hope.
I received shipping notification on my kit from CK! I should {hope} to have it by the end of the week. I'll post pictures when I receive it. Speaking of "goodies", I went to the "Memorable Seasons" site after Christmas for they had a HUGE sale. I racked up, for little $$$. Look:

I got LOTS of pretty paper and ribbon and even a mask! I spent no more than $25 for the whole lot! I know!!! The loose paper is sooooo pretty. I think I'll admire it awhile.
Well, I have some "chikens" to take care of and a dinner to put in the crock. God Bless.....


Jingle said...

Lucky you! Those kits are tough to get! I love the papers you got!

Gladys said...

Soooo, that's why OTC went into the recycling bin!!! lol!!

kelliebean said...

Oh wow - you got some goodies!

Boot camp? You're actually PAYING for that?! ;) Truth be told, I married "boot camp" - he's a tough trainer!

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Hey girl, I got some after thanksgiving deals at Memorable seasons...she rocks!

Can not for the life of me remember if I shared this blog with you ...its a year of crockpot recipies..

Have fun at bootcamp...I would pass out after 5 seconds..;-)

kelliebean said...

Hey - thought of you (and your word for 2009) this morning when I heard "Live Out Loud" on the radio. I think you need a theme song...and I think that's it! :)

Brock Family said... have a girl! (I think they are harder!!! haha!) That is great that you look forward to your gym time too! Any time that you have to yourself is good time!