Sunday, January 4, 2009

Project 365 - 1st couple of Days

Day One
Right now, the glasses are empty, but soon it will be overflowing like my life will be!

Day 2
The place where it all begins!

Day 3
Getting ready for the "Mardi Gras" season!

Here are just the first few days. I will post my project 365 every couple of days, or I may start my post with my daily picture! Depends. I am waiting for my order to arrive. patiently. {tap,tap,tap} Oh, who am I kidding?! I want it NOW!!! ;-)

Look what I created over the weekend.

I took a picture of the Championship Game, of the Superdome, and made a "Trip-tik" to be framed! I crackled and ink and embossed. I think it came out nicely!! It actually came out the way I envisioned it. It didn't get lost in translation! I impressed myself.
I just came back from the gym. Would like to go in the a.m. but, I have a new baby starting with me and the parent will get here about 6:30-6:45, and I would definitely have to make sure I'm at the gym when it opened at 5 a.m.! So, I think I'll go in the evenings. Especially since "Boot Camp" will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 in the evening and Saturday at 10 a.m.! I'll make it work.
Well, I have some housework to get done. Kids go back to school tomorrow!! God Bless.....


Anonymous said...

Love your 365 photos and your tags are gorgeous! Awesome job. :)

Toni said...

The Project 365 really appealed to me, especially the way Becky had it set up (did you buy the kit?) However,...I know me. I just wouldn't keep up. Dang that procrastination habit of mine. For example, I'm on day 19 of the 25 days of Christmas. Still plugging along and very determined to complete it (all journal notes are accounted for, so there's no reason not to). But if I can't keep up with 25 days, I know I won't keep up with 365 days. So that's where I plan to live vicariously through YOU, dahling.
Great photos. And that tag project ROCKS!

Kristin said...

What I great idea! I love this!