Thursday, January 15, 2009

P 365 - Days 13 & 14

I like doing a "digi" layout of my 365 Project to post here. I've yet to begin putting the pictures into the actual album, only because, I haven't had the time! LOL It seems my days are getting shorter!! Does that happen to you? Probably not. My hubby "complains" that Thursdays are his "Long" days because, once he leaves his J. O. B., he works a detail at the airport until midnight! Ha! ALL my days are long! And not just Monday thru Friday. Weekends are included as well! I just look at him when he makes those comments. Really. Does he want to go there with me? I think not. I would LOVE to trade places with him. For 1 day. He would BEG to go back to work!! Actually, he knows what I do all day. I'm not just sitting here. Besides making sure our kids are up and ready to leave the house at 7 a.m., I'm emptying the dishwasher, making beds, making "baby beds" for the day, feeding the "chikens" as they come in, making sure 1 of them gets on the school bus, prepare a lunch for the older "chikens", feeding the "baby chiks", managing to possibly get myself lunch, figuring out what the family is going to eat for dinner, laundry, etc., etc. By the time I actually sit down, I'm looking forward to going to the gym and work out! I can catch up on Reading, or if I miss a Sunday Service, listen to the Podcast on my MP3 while walking the treadmill! It's a shame, but I can't even use the bathroom in peace!!! A Bath? Not since, umm, 1996! It's mostly showers! Hey, I shower everyday!! I just don't have the "luxury" of time to bathe!! I remember one time, I had candles, glass of wine and a magazine while "bathing" in the tub. My son comes in, he's about 7, runs out and screams, "Dad! Mom's completely lost it!" See. No privacy. No respect. No life, at least outside this house! LOL How many Moms out there can relate? I thought so! We need to band together. Have our kids not be so reliant on us. I know, I know. A dream. Well, a girl's gotta dream, even though they are pathetic ones! LOL ;-)
Well, gotta head out! Lunch for the "chikens." But let me just say, that tonight from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. Central time, I'll be hosting a "Happy Hour" on the "Scrapbuddies" Message Board! It's gonna be lots of fun. In fact, just for "checking in" you'll be included for an awesome RAK! It won't be your "typical" RAK either!! jus' sayin'. So, stop on by, stay awhile. You won't be sorry!! God Bless.....

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Aw, man! I missed your HH (that would've certainly taken me to Scrapbuddies!) 'cause I was on the road again. Dangit!