Friday, January 2, 2009

My "One Little Word for 2009"

Here is my one word for 2009: LIVE

Definition of "LIVE"

{v} to be alive; to have life; to be or continue in existence;
to enjoy or make the most of life; to be in a state of happiness.
To have a spiritual existance; to be quickened, nourished, and actuated
by divine influence or faith.

{a} having life; living; not dead. Full of earnestness; active; wide awake;
glowing; vivid; bright; Imparting power.

For more info regarding "One Little Word" you can read about it here.

I am determined to make 2009 a great, positive year! You make life happen. Don't let Life make you! We have to make the good and not let all the awful things going on ruin your life! Make new friends. Go out with the friends you have and just be silly! Enjoy the company! Take lots of pictures. Don't worry about whether or not you "look" good. Just FEEL good! Dig deep into your soul. Re-Center yourself! Now, I won't go all "spiritual" on you because, that's not me! But if you feel good on the inside, it'll show! You'll be a more happy self. Believe me, it's infectious. So go out and spread "happiness!" God Bless.....


Dettao said...

You go, girl. Live life to the fullest. Your blog looks great

kelliebean said...

Love it! I absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

Love your word for '09. Here's the link to 'spell' your word.