Saturday, January 17, 2009

Laid Back Saturday!!

Okay, first saw this on "Earl's Blog, then on Bean's so I thought I would go with the flow as well. Why not? Seems like fun. Here goes. You know all the many different "Name Games" they have out there right? Well, here is another one.

Rock Star Name (1st pet & current car):
Major Impala {had a german sheperd}

Gangsta Name
(favorite ice cream & favorite cookie):
Mint Oreo

Fly Girl Name
(Initial of 1st Name & first Three letters of last name):
V Uli {or if I use my maiden name: V Ball which is funny, cause I play! rotfl}

Soap Opera Name
(middle name & city born in):
Lynn Metairie (not very soap "opera-ish")

Stripper Name
(favorite perfume & favorite candy):
Exceptional Snickers! {I'm sorry, but IF I was a stripper, there would DEFINITELY be some "snickering" going on! LOL}

Detective Name
(favorite color & favorite animal):
Yellow Horse {if on a Reservation!}

Super Hero Name
(2nd fav. color & "the" & favorite drink):
The Green Rum

Witness Protection Name
(moms middle name & dad's middle name):
Ann Nolan

Star Wars Name
(1st 3 letters of last name & 1st two letters of first name):
Uli-ve {I like " U live" at least I would always be around!}LOL

Well, that was interesting! That was the most productive I've been all afternoon. I'm just plain "tuckered out!" Volleyball playoffs last night. Finished 2nd! Not very happy about that. Although, the first place team had to WORK for it!! Oh well. I guess there's next time. I will say, they are scared!! They know they can't just "get by" when it comes to playing against us!
This morning I attended the first session of "Boot Camp." It wasn't so bad. Once I got past the "weigh in" and the "Fat Percentage!" WON'T discuss it. All I will say is, I'm glad the numbers are high because I have a better chance of winning! Not that I'm being "competitive" or anything cause I'm not like that. Really. Seriously. Nor am I hearing Jillian Michaels screaming at me in my mind to "MOVE!" "DON'T QUIT!" "I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH IT HURTS!" I'm just sayin'. ;-) It wasn't too bad. We had 3 sets of tires to go thru. Okay, I fell. Once. But I quickly got up! I'm used to a court, no tires involved! rotfl Then at the end of the hour and a half, we had lunch. They FED us! BBQ chicken, baked beans and a wonderful green salad!! It was delicious!! I was ready to come home and take a nap! Didn't happen though. :(
Last night, during the Volleyball game, I overextended my shoulder! I didn't sleep very well, for it bothered me. I took some Excedrin Back & Body this morning before exercising, but it really didn't help a lot. I didn't do the push ups or the pull ups because I didn't want to aggravate it more. I took more a few hours later. It has subsided. I'll take 2 more before bed.
I'm just "chil-laxin" now. Wanted to work on a few layouts, but, tomorrow is another day! I have a long weekend, for there is no school on Monday, BUT, I have one of my former "chikens" on Monday. She's almost 4, so, if I have some errands to run, she just comes with me!! She is used to "running the streets" with me!
Well, I'm tired. I didn't even get a picture today for my "365 Project!" Oh well. I'll come up with something before I retire for the evening. Have a good weekend. God Bless............


Amy Jo said...

(((((HUGGERS)))) V,

LOL! The Name Game was some mindless fun, but that was the ONLY thing productive I've done today too (besides one layout! and it only took me 4 hours to do it...geez! LOL!)

I sure hope your shoulder feels better hon. And remember "Earl" is here rootin' ya on....



kelliebean said...

So I'm lovin the name game - so hysterical!!! Hey, THAT could be your project 365 for today, you know?

Aw, I'm guessing it's Lex you're getting on Monday - she is an absolute doll!

You'd better be careful and not overextend anything else there, Miss Snickers! :D rotfl!

Gladys said...

V ~ The names are hilarious!!!

Can you post them on Scrap Buddies for us? :)