Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy 2009! I hope it started well.
I've decided to start with a "clear slate."
I've cleaned up my blog by creating a new one.
I have put my new Motto as the name of my Blog.
This past year, I've lost 2 very important and close women in my life. The first one was my mother in law. That was a woman who definitely enjoyed life! She and I were a lot alike and sometimes, that wasn't always a good thing!! But we had love and respect for each other and only wanted the best for our families. The second woman was my grandmother. She was one of nine!! The ninth one actually. She had 3 daughters. Buried 2 of them and a husband. One of the daughters was my mother. She was a strong woman. A loving woman. A quiet woman. She enjoyed having her grandchildren and great-grandchildren around. She definitely was a "Matriarch."
Both these women were greatly loved and will be greatly missed.
I am approaching the anniversary of my mother's passing. Ten years. January 31st. Cannot believe it has already been that long. It's sad. I'm sad. She wasn't able to see her 4 granddaughters and only grandson grow into the beautiful people they are.
This reflection has made me realize that "Life is just passing me by." I no longer will do that.
I purchased Becky Higgins "Project 365." I've already decided on a picture to put on day one. Once it arrives and I start placing pictures and journaling inside, I will share with you. I think that doing this project will MAKE me do more. See more. Enjoy more. So I welcome you on my journey in this coming year. Share my joys, sorrows, highs and lows. I hope you can learn from any mistakes I may make. I hope you can Grow with me. So, my wish for you in this new year is to GET OUT and ENJOY LIFE!! Enjoy the little everyday things that you normally take for granted. Life is too short. Make sure you live it to the ultimate! Be authentic to yourself. Be true to yourself and you will be happy. Make your own destiny, your own fate. You'll be glad you did! God Bless....


Gladys said...

Love the new look!!!! Left you a PM on the MB asking for help with mine... :)

Tya said...

Love your new look. I was unable to get Project 365, but I am still going to do it. I had already made up my mind to do it whether I got the kit or not. It will definitely make for an interesting year.