Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Briefly Lost My Head!

I almost left you guys! NO! NOT in THAT sense! Geesh. I was "considering" moving from Blogger to WordPress! I even set up an actual blog there, but, I deleted it! I want more "creative" control. Sure the set up is nice, but I want to choose the colors and background, etc. So, I won't make you move. Not yet. Blogger has been good to me. I've really no complaints.

Sooooo, last night was the first "Nighttime" Boot Camp. We did A LOT of Ab work! I wasn't too happy with that, for the night before, I took an "Ab Class!" I WILL NOT be doing the Ab class tonight. In fact, I'll probably NOT work out at all. Although, I'll have to miss Thursday's camp because there is a "Reception" for the Honor Roll students at my son's school and HE'S GOING TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED!!! First time EVER that he has been on the Honor Roll. And it makes me mad, because he is very capable of doing it ALL THE TIME! I am very proud of him. We will be served a light supper of salad and Jambalaya! Yay! No cooking for me! ;-)
Okay, wanted to add a "Wordle" that I created:

Wordle: Everyday Life

Gotta go. Today has been an "extension" of yesterday. I'll have to explain at a later post. Have a good day. God Bless......................

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kelliebean said...

Nooo! Don't leave us!!! :)

Did you say nighttime or nightMARE boot camp? Last night I plateaued (?!) on the workout. Happened a lot sooner than I expected, but on the bright side, I can maybe fool hubby into thinking I'm working oh-so hard for another week or so! lol!