Monday, December 15, 2008

State Champs, AGAIN!!!

Well, Saturday night, our local high school football team headed off to the Superdome for their 2nd chance at the State 5A Championship Trophy. Well, after an intense game, they WON! 14 - 3! End of first half, score was 3-0, West Monroe. It was a tough game. We knew that during the half, Coach would definitely be ripping then a "new one!" ;-) They came in at the start of the 3rd quarter and THEY PLAYED FOOTBALL! An interception was made in the end zone of West Monroe and run ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR A TOUCHDOWN!!! First one of the night for our team! It was a FANtastic play! The entire DHS side was on their feet! Our fans are phenominal! Diehard. I laughed because when the other team came on the field, they covered the ENTIRE endzone! My son and I said, between the football team, band, cheerleaders, etc., the entire school was on the team leaving only the parents in the stands and a pathetic "Student Section!" Our team gets on the field and we are literally a quarter of the size! LOL But when I tell you, we fill up the Dome on our side, that is an understatement. I will post some pictures of the night! We didn't return home until after midnight. Our game was the last one of the night. I had to wake early Sunday, for I was playing Volleyball in a monthly tournament! We start at 9 and don't finish until about 3! I was exhausted. I still am a little tired. I had to go and do some shopping for Christmas after playing!! I am done for the most part, but I do need to get 1 more gift. Now the fun begins. WRAPPING!!! :-O I'll probably start tonight.
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Let me post some pictures from Saturday night.

The "Girls" with their shirts all painted! They were too funny. Didn't see them ALL night. They sat in the "Student Section" with the rest of the "Gang!"

Those were all at the beginning.

Coin Toss and running through the Banner! Just "some" of the fans! Couldn't get a pic of the ones above us!!

The first picture is of the other team. See how they cover the endzone? Too funny.
Other pictures are of the "Half-time" show. It really is hard to hear the band and the music in a Dome setting. Much more enjoyable at our smaller, high school stadium! LOL
Here are just a few more. Sorry to bore you. :(

Well, that should about do it. It was definitely an awesome game. I really do love football. More on the high school and college level than the pros, but I'll watch it. Those games are more intense. The players WANT to play and ENJOY playing. There is no money involved. Simply SKILL! That's what it is all about. And when you have a diehard fan base/following like our High School, well, it makes it all the more intriguing!!
Have to start wrapping some gifts, so it's not left until the last minute! Have a great day everyone. Blog ya later..............


kelliebean said...

Wow! What a game! You are so right about HS and college ball - I love it, too (but then you didn't know that already...). And yay! for including band pictures! I was also a band geek in my former life. ;)

Tya said...

Congratulations! You've got some awesome pictures. :)