Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Sally Field" Moment!

To quote Sally Field after winning the Oscar for her portrayal in Steel Magnolias as "M'Lynn", Shelby's mom (Julia Roberts), "YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!" AwardsThank YouThat's exactly how I feel after receiving a wonderful, beautiful gift in the mail yesterday! Now, I've been sick now for a week. Congestion, sinus headache. Then I tear up, get all stuffy again after receiving this AWESOME gift! I mean, I didn't ask for it! It just arrived. Out of the blue. Funny thing is, I thought about making myself one. A mi-nute thought, but, nonetheless. To know what I am talking about, you need to go to Ali Edward's Blog. Go. Now. I'll wait. But come back. I have something to show you. {tap-tap} Oh, you're back. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so. Back to my "gift".
Now, I'm going to HAVE to take pictures daily. Really? There are a few things happening around town that I could definitely document. So, I guess I better do this thing some "Justice." Without further ado, here it is:

My friend, Kel, better known as "Bean" made this.! I KNOW! I showed my daughter. She wasn't the least bit interested. She glanced thru it. Commented. A little while later, she picked it up again. Flipped thru it. Said, with a smile, okay, a grimace, that she liked it. it was cool. HER words! She hated to admit it. LOVE IT!!! Anyway. I will try and I do mean TRY to post every couple of days, a few pages. Which means, I'll have to actually print them and not just download. So, I would appreciate it if you would "remind me", gently about this! That's probably the only way I'll get it done!
Good thing it is only the 4th day of the month!

On to other things. Yes. It's been a week now since this headcold thingy has started! I've gone thru a whole box of LARGE tissue, 2 boxes of medicine, 2 cold fronts and I STILL have it! Really? Seriously? Is it ever gonna go away? Guess I'll have to go and get a shot!! I just don't want to have to fork over my co-pay! Even though I've spent that on over the counter drugs and tissues!!!!! Cover Up I'll see how I am on Friday and if I'm not any better, I'll make an appointment for Monday. There. I said it. Guess you are gonna make me stick to my word? Don't worry. I can't lie. I have a guilty conscience!
Gonna go now. I need to get some things ready for this weekend's "Christmas Crop" happening on the "Scrapbuddies" board. Come and join us. It's gonna be fun. But you have to go here and let her know you're coming. We don't allow just anyone in! Just tell Gladys that I sent you, then you can go to the Board and sign up and in! It's that simple. It's a great place. Come try it out, especially if you're a Scrapbooker!
Have a GREAT day. Blog ya later...........


Tya said...

That is VERY cool V. I've got mine done and ready to go. Photos taken. Just need to print them and adhere them. And write the journaling. Maybe I can do that this weekend during the crop. ;)

kelliebean said...

Good grief. I can't believe you're still sick! Maybe try firing up the gumbo a notch or 2 - I always feel better after eating super-spicy food, myself!

So glad you liked it - sorry I didn't get it to you before the first! :) Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Jingle said...

This really is a wonderful gift! And I know you will enjoy putting it all together! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Livia aka NenaNYC said...

Cool gift. And you should go to the doctor. Last year when I had a "head cold" that lasted this long it turned out to be bronchitis. So please go get checked out.