Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"On the 9th Day of ..."

... here is a final look at some of the decorations in my home. The first one is a music box, er, ornament, umm, well, it plays "O Christmas Tree!" The last one is filled with glass ornaments that are too heavy to put on my tree this year!

Hope ya'll enjoyed a "peek" into my home.
Well, I have been trying and I say that lightly, trying, to do Tim's Tags. A person can go broke with all the supplies! I need to find another job to support this "habit!" Anyway. I did the 7th day and the 8th day. It is NOT EXACT, for like I said, I do not have all his supplies, but, they are my "interpretation" of his tags! By the way, I did find my snowman's other arm!! LOL Knew I would. So, here is what I've created so far.

I don't have the stamps he uses or the Crackle paint. But, I made do. I'm off to see what today brings. Now, if I could just get pictures printed and put into my "December Daily!" I'm a little behind! I did mail off my "Secret Santa" gift yesterday, so that's good. I made a card for my niece, who's birthday is tomorrow!! So far, so good. Gonna go now. Have this "thing" called HOUSEWORK that needs to get done!! Have a great day. Blog ya later.............


kelliebean said...

Everything is so festive! You did a great job, Mrs. Scrooge! ;D

Tell me, how do you find the time to do ANY projects???

Dana said...

HEY GIRL!!!!!!
How are you??? Guess what?!!! I can't log onto my Blogger account........grrrr, what could be wrong?
HA HA....have no idea.
But I have been busy....working, teaching, it's been crazy.
LOVE the Christmas stuff ya got going.
Have all my stuff up.....yay, done with that!
Talk to you later?