Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"On the 10th Day of ..." {desperate for Titles!}

First, let me just say, Jingle has a giveaway on her Blog! A beautiful pair of earrings! They are too cute!! I really didn't want to share that info, but that was one of the requirements!!!! darn.
Well, not too much going on. Wait! OMG! I forgot to mention. How in the WORLD could I have forgotten? I mean, it is such a BIG deal! Don't know what I was thinking. Really. Sometimes if I didn't wake up with my head already attached, I would forget to put it on!! Good thing. Oh, the news. You see? I forget quickly. Anyway, last Friday night, not only did I have a Volleyball playoff game {which we lost} but the High School also had a playoff game. But not just ANY playoff game. The FINAL game to determine whether or not they go to the Dome to play in the State Championship Game!! Well, right before MY game, texted my daughter to see what the score was. It was the 2nd quarter and it was 7 - 0, us! Still not a great score, but we were ahead! During MY game, my sister was there. Her husband plays on my team. Well she heard my phone go off and it was my daughter. WE WON! We beat the other team! It wasn't a "shut out" or anything, but they apparently played a tough one and pulled it through. We are still undefeated from last year! We play Saturday night. 7 p.m. In the SUPERDOME!!! Bought the tickets Monday, as soon as they went on sale! $11 each for "General Admission." $13 for "Reserved." Weren't interested in those! We play "West Monroe", a team that is gonna be tough to beat, but I am confident!! LOL I'll let ya know the turnout!
Can't believe I forgot to mention. Just where is my head lately? LOL ;-)
Look at this:

That is my Crepe Myrtle tree in my backyard. All the leaves are red and orange! Only change of season color I'll see here! It looks really pretty. In a couple of weeks, it will be nothing but branches. Then hubby and I will trim it back a bit! That tree was in a 1 gallon bucket when we bought and planted it. Over 8 years ago. It is white when all in bloom. A very pretty site! It blooms twice every year.
Well, that's about it. Tomorrow night I have a "Ladies Christmas Program" to go to at my church. We used to have dinners every other year, with the husbands dressed in tuxedos serving the wives! There was a Jazz Band playing Christmas music and we would eat and then enjoy a little play put on by some of the members! It was very nice. This year, with the economy the way it is, we will be getting together for "Coffee & Dessert." I'm sure it will be just as wonderful. Actually looking forward to it. I'm gonna bring my camera. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures to share!!
Have a great day! Blog ya later..........


Jingle said...

Thanks for the link! Those photos are gorgeous!

Kati Lyon said...

I love your blog- it's so pretty. The Christmas music is wonderful too.
Thanks for telling us about Jingle's RAK.

Tya said...

You know I read this everyday. You'd think I'd leave you more comments than I do. Sorry :( Good luck to your team this weekend. It's always exciting when they make it to state's. ;)

Chrispea said...

Hello! Just stopping by to say "hi"... would that be a blog by? Something to ponder! LOL!

kelliebean said...

OMGosh I wanna go to your church. My hubby's so hunky in a least I think so...last time I saw him in one was on our wedding day! :)

Love the fall colors!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog..I got a lot of cleaning done today..if your ever in Canada..feel free to come play! I would love to add you to my blogroll...if thats ok..feel free to add me to yours too!
PS LOVE the christmas feel of yours!!