Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry *Post* Christmas!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and they were Blessed by Family and Friends! I was. My Christmas Eve, well, let's just say, we GORGED ourselves on Food and Drink!! And then played "Wii!" {more on that later}
Let me post a few pictures from that night:

My youngest niece, Morgan. Her birthday was on the 10th. She is now 10!
My son. No introductions needed! LOL
My other 2 nieces in the foreground: Megan {just had wisdom teeth pulled. Ouch!} and Kristie.
My middle sister, sitting with back towards me!
The "Whole Gang!" My son is the only boy! He said, if Kristie wasn't wearing heels, he'd be taller! Too funny.
Now, let me post a picture of me and my sisters. This was NOT an easy task. Should of had Morgan take the picture again. Not one good picture came out of 3 cameras!! What's the deal? Incompetent people! But here is the "Better" of the ones:

Oh well. Try again next year! Now, here is a picture of MY family. I won't tell you the trouble we had. Here is the "Best" one:

Here is a picture of my kids. Actually, not too bad.

Don't they "look" like the actually LIKE each other? Yeah, right.
After they opened gifts, my middle sister and her family left. Which left my younger sister's in-laws. They stayed a little while, then had to go on to another family's home. Which left me and my family. Well, we started to play Wii. I've never played before. About a month ago, while at my sister's, she was testing her "Wii Age." I laughed my butt off when it came up to age "78." She is by no means, or ever has been "Athletic." Well, my son and her set up a person for all of us and we played to find out our "age." Fun. Joy. Interesting. Now, you know I play ball at least 3 days a week and have been for quite some time. My daughter dances every week. My son, well, he does NOTHING! My hubby, well, not quite as athletic as he used to be! Okay, son goes first. He is 12. His "Wii" age: 45! Daughter is 15. "Wii" age: 52!! Hubby, well, let's just say he is "50." His "Wii" age: 37! Can you believe that? I couldn't. He had never played before either! I was in total shock. Me? My age? No, that's okay. Maybe later. Seriously. Not important.
OKAY! Stop pestering me. geesh. Remember, I'm the Athletic one! I'm not afraid to tell you, I am 42. MY "Wii" age: 61! 61! Can you believe that??! I certainly can't! Something must have been wrong. Really. I won't mention that I couldn't play Tennis. At. All. Now, if I was on a REAL court. I used to play. When I was 17-18!!! Did okay at Bowling and even at Baseball, even though I hit a lot of "Foul" balls and 1 or 2 Homeruns! {hanging my head in shame!} Let's not mention that I am extremely sore from working out this week AND drinking/eating too much that night. We have to factor that in. Don't we? Sure. Here is a picture of my hubby and daughter "Bowling":

It really was a lot of fun! I'll do it again AND I'll re-test! Dangit. I WILL be younger!! ;-)
Christmas Day was quiet. Kids opened their presents.

I even opened a couple. Here are 2 pictures of me that morning! I apologize if I make you "toss your cookies!"

I need to read the book before this one first! :0 I loved the "Mamma Mia" movie. The ONLY thing I TRULY did not LIKE about the movie was Pierce Brosnan singing. HE CAN'T SING! It really did sound terrible. I also got a new pair of P.J.'s. The bottoms look like scrapbook paper! seriously. I'll have to take a picture to show you. Later.
I cooked dinner. My neighbors from down the street joined us. It was nice and quiet. We had steak and I made these GREAT potatoes! Wait, there's a picture my son took.
It was like a "double-stuffed" baked potato! It's all gone! Here is one last picture of the day. It is a shot my son took with his new camera. In fact, the potatoes were taken with his camera.

I at least had a shower, but no makeup yet! Oh well. Who was I impressing anyway?!
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. New Year's is around the corner. Can't believe it.
Tomorrow I'll post my COMPLETED December Daily Album. Right now, I'm going to work on the "State Championship Game" book for my daughter. Blog ya later.......


Toni said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the completed album. I, on, 14. Oh. Yes. I. Am. But I DO have the photos and I DO have journaling notes so it's all good. Getting there slowly.
Loved all these photos and was laughing my butt off about the WII (don't I just wish my butt fell off with laughter, eh?)

kelliebean said...

Wii RULES!!! :D We, um, I mean the kids got Outdoor Challenge and Wii Music for Christmas - too-much-fun!

Sounds like y'all had a terrific Christmas together! Ours was pretty great, too. I'll post some of ours later - we've been busy catching up with hubby/dad since he finally got home after 2 weeks in Kentucky.

Chrispea said...

Don't worry, I'm 41 and my Wii age was like 60 something... oh well. I'm getting better, though.