Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting "Caught" Up! {Jammed Packed Post}

Well, let me first start by posting my pictures of my "Daily" album.
Page 1 - Picture of a slate hanging outside front door.
Page 2 - Front door and front of house
Page 3 - Note from "Bean" and memo stating I received this album on this day!
Day 5 - Made some "Lollipop" Flowers!
Day 6 - birthday card I made for "Bean." {she already rec'd;)}
Day 7 - Pictures of decorated house, inside!
Back of Day 7
Day 8 - Started making Tim Holtz's "12 Days of Christmas Tags!"
Day 9 - Hubby left for the night and pictures of my Crepe Myrtle Tree "Changing Colors."
Day 10 - Niece's Birthday. Sent a homemade card. Forgot to take picture. :(
Also pulled my son's tooth! Crazy!

Day 11 - SNOW!! That's all I have to say.
Day 12 - Night before, went to Christmas Program at my church. Beautiful!
Day 14 - ???? Put a note inside envelope.
Day 15 - made Christmas tags for gifts and cards!

Day 16 - Made the "Family" Christmas Card
Well, now you are caught up! I did manage a couple of layouts as well. I told you I've been busy! I need to start baking now.
This first layout is of a comment I received on THIS Blog from an author, Mary Kay Andrews.
She is a novelist who is from Atlanta, so the 2 books I have and have read are "Southern" in character and theme and "Laugh Out Loud" funny! I printed out the comment and took a picture of the 2 books I have to put on this layout. I titled it, "Star Struck" with the "S" for both words. It is an embossed chipboard letter that I painted white and stamp a light blue over it to show the embossing. I think if you click on the layout, it'll be larger to look at! I used paper I got in Noel Joy's RAK along with the chipboard brackets!
This next layout is of my mother in law. A very good friend of hers and the family, sent me some pictures. These are of some past Mardi Gras Truck Parades. They rode together for over 25 years! Hubby and I rode for a couple of years. A lot of fun goes into all this! We hang every weekend before Mardi Gras, decorating the truck and putting together our costumes! Of course there was ALWAYS food!! Those were definitely some "Good Times!" That was the name of the club, "GoodTimers."

I have a feeling that this picture is going to be too big! I might have to come back and fix.
This one is for Joscie. Didn't know what to fix for dinner and she suggested "Reservations!" Well I did have some boneless chops and I decided to go ahead and cook! It took less than 30 minutes to prepare. I sauteed them after marinating for about 15 minutes in Lawry's Marinade, Garlic and Lime I think. Then I made some Black Beans and Rice from Zatarain's and made some Sugar Snap Peas. Here is a picture of my plate. Looks yummy, huh? It was!!

Today, I think, I need to pick up all my scrap supplies and put away! :(
then I have to make sure I have enough batteries for my camera and all my memory cards are ready to go! I'm looking forward to taking lots of pictures over the next week or so!
Guess I better go. I've given you plenty to look at. Hope your coffee didn't get cold! Blog ya later.....


kelliebean said...

Yay! I love what you're doing to your album! I tell ya, you've really got the mojo going!!! Not me. :( In fact, would you come over and cook dinner for me and my family tonight?! ;)

joscelyne cutchens said...

love your album! :) and your dinner does look yummy :)

jessicamae3 said...

Girl you are so stinking busy! Love your 12 days!
The layouts are super!
Thanks for always leaving such super sweet comments on my blog! I cherish every one!
Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't get a chance to tell you before then!

jessicamae3 said...

PS: I almost forgot to tell you how cute this digi blog layout is!!!

Livia aka NenaNYC said...

Send me your scrapbooking Mojo PLEASE!!!!!!! Your Los are beautiful, your December album is GREAT and now I'm hungry for pork chops and rice! LOL!! And I had dinner already! Veronica, WTG!!! on your favorite author.

Toni said...

Yay! I'm doing a Christmas daily as well. I'm behind due to traveling out of state for the better part of a week, but I took the requisite photos and jotted the needed notes to plug along (which I'm really enjoying doing).
Your daily looks awesome. And so does that meal. I don't eat much meat, but marinated tofu dusted with a bit of flour and then lightly pan fried sounds like a doable modification. Great, now I'm craving dinner, lol.