Thursday, December 11, 2008

December Daily Album

Who'd thunk I would actually have pictures of SNOW to put into my album??! Really.
Look at this layout I did for the little "chiken's" Mom:

It took me a while to do! When it's for someone else, you want it just "perfect!" KWIM?
Anyway, she'll like whatever I would have done. I'll print up some more pictures for her to put into her own album. She wants to start scrapping, but, TIME!!! I understand.
Here are some other pictures from this morning, before all the snow melted. Which it did. :(

This one, I might make into a Christmas Card?? Not sure.

Me and the kids. Not my best look!! At least I have a picture of me. Right? Right.

My kids and their "snowman" they built. It's more like a "Snowbaby!" They had fun. I got them out of school so, right now, I'm the "coolest mom" there is. for now. My son has thanked me numerous times today!! He knows a "good thing" when it happens!! LOL
Well, I'm going to work on my "December Album" considering I have something REALLY good to put in it for today! ;-) Blog ya later........

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lmerie said...

I love southern snowmen! Glad you had a great memory making day!