Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Countdown Continues!

Cannot believe {that I'm starting this a second time!} that Christmas is almost here!

I am done shopping! Well. I do have 2 little gifts to get for my neighbor's kids, but other than that, I'M DONE! I even wrapped gifts last night! I KnOow! I didn't wait until the last minute! My son is too funny. I love messing with them. He thinks one of them is a video camera. I told him it was too small. He said, "Mom, they are small!" I told him, "Yeah, but you know how they have all this 'extra' packaging and waste in boxes and they are always bigger than they need to be!" He said, "yeah, true." Plus, I really like messing with their minds and he knows that!!
Here is a picture of our tree with gifts under it. My daughter was excited to see presents under the tree. Then, not so much when there wasn't any for her!
Here is the picture:

I have some more gift tags to make so I can put on the gifts! Right now, I just have "post-its!"
Not very "Christmasey!"

I just wanted to send a "Shout Out" to "Bean." Today is her birthday!
Have a GREAT Day Girl!! Enjoy your cake!

Everyone else, have a great day too! Blog ya later............


kelliebean said...

Aww, thanks Vee! Come have cake with me! :D

Mary Kay Andrews said...

Hi Veronica. Just discovered your blog! I'm so flattered to be listed as one of your favorite authors. Wish all my shopping was done! Happy Holidays, Mary Kay Andrews.

Veronica said...

OMGoodness! No, you didn't just leave me a comment Ms. Andrews?!
I am flattered! I just LOVED, LOVED "Hissy Fit!" I look forward to more of your books! Happy Holidays to you!

Kristin said...

Happy Holidays and congrats on being ahead of the game!