Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Let me start by saying, I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving this year! I have so much to be thankful for this year. Even though I lost 2 family members this year, I am grateful to have spent time with them. This will be our first Thanksgiving without both my husband's parents. We are a little sad, but we joke saying that "Grandma Grace won't be here hours before everyone else is while we are still in our 'ja-jas'!" We've been fortunate enough to have many Thanksgivings with them and my children are old enough to remember! For that, I am grateful! I enjoy hosting Thanksgiving. Many, many years ago, we used to go to my hubby's cousin's house where all the family met there. When that stopped, I took on the role and had my in-laws here. Out of the 3 brothers, I have the smallest house/kitchen! No dining room in my house! But, you know what? It has been awesome! No one cared. We all gathered for family and food! I had a house full of Italians! It's ALWAYS about the FOOD! And I had plenty!! My BIL would always bring a "to go" container! LOL This year, he and his wife are traveling to Tennessee, so, they won't be here. He did ask my hubby for a container of my Gumbo!! This year, no one from his side will be here! My sister and her husband, my neighbor and her family along with her sister and family! There will be about 14 of us. No problem. Plenty of food. No pretense at my house either. We will kick back and relax. The weather is supposed to be very pleasant which means, we are going to set up outside under the canopy! Leaves more room in the kitchen to move from "station to station."
So, Everyone, please enjoy your holiday time with your families. Hug them. Tell them you love them. Relax. Enjoy. Chill. No worries. Just remember, we ALL have a lot to be thankful for this year!

Okay, my post on my "Preparation of Thanksgiving Dinner."

Pumpkin Cheesecakes baking in the oven. Even made 2 little ones!

Bowl of Potato Salad, with a small one minus the eggs for my brother in law! The bags in there are Hams! I have 4 in there! Only 1 is for us!

There is the small bowl of potato salad, next to the 2 pots of Gumbo with the Cornbread Dressing, "resting" on top!

Here is the "STAR" of the show {well, next to my Gumbo!} I've injected it full of flavor!! YUM!
I bet he feels so "exposed!" Ha ha ha ha ha!
Well, today, I need to prepare the sweet potatoes, get the dishes out of the boxes and clean them. No paper plates this year! Umm, except the bowls for the gumbo! I don't have enough for everyone!! Have to check and make sure I have enough napkins for everyone?! I need to get my bread machine out and ready to prepare my dough for my "Honey Pan Rolls" I am making. Then on Thursday morning, I can bake the rolls, heat the sweet potato casserole, dressing and the green beans! I'll have to cook rice for the gumbo and put the ham in to heat through. Other than that, the majority of the cooking will be done today! I will make a couple of gallons of Iced Tea for anyone and everyone who wants it, but I will have some soft drinks. I do need to get some "whipped cream" for the cheesecakes, but other than that, I WILL NOT STEP FOOT INTO A GROCERY STORE today!! LOL
I will try and take pictures of tomorrow and maybe, possibly, be in a few! and I will post Friday or Saturday.
Please enjoy your day. Blog ya later..............


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Looks like you are super prepared! Wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

kelliebean said...

Oh my good grief! You do SO much! Sounds like y'all celebrate like we do - over-capacity in a small house, no pretences, just family and friends hanging out together, enjoying the day. Love it! Have a wonderful one, my friend!

Amy Jo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. V!

I hope you had the best day with your family and you ate until ya couldn't stand it! Hope your holiday was filled with blessings!


Amy Jo said...

Ms. V...

Ya didn't eat too much and you fell asleep for days and days because of the turkey did ya? I miss ya!