Monday, November 24, 2008

Taking a "Break"

Well, here is my PAD for today:

It was before I prepared my "Cornbread Dressing!" It is now done and wrapped and in the fridge. Along with a turkey, 4 hams and 2 stock pots full of Gumbo! No, we aren't having 4 hams. Just 1. The other 3 are for my neighbor's work! I was the only one who could store them!
I still have the cranberry sauce to make, sweet potatoes, potato salad {goes with Gumbo} and get the turkey all seasoned up and marinating! I will get the bread ready on the morning of and I will make the pumpkin cheesecakes Wednesday. I think I'm all set and on schedule!
Meanwhile, I created another digi layout. This is of when I went to the ER with my neighbor's son. The pictures were from a blackberry, so they weren't that great. That is why I concentrated more on the journaling.

I will give her a copy and more than likely put it on a corresponding 12 x 12 matching paper. Her albums are 12 x 12 and I believe I made this 8x10 in order to be able to print myself! You should be able to click on the image to read the journaling. You know, if I would have had time to go over the last couple days of Jessica's class, I'm sure this story would have been written better! LOL Oh well, next time.
Well, the "chikens" are napping and I have some more work to do. Blog ya later..............

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