Friday, November 14, 2008

Some "Blog Candy" and even more Randomness

First off, you need to got to this site. She has BEAUTIFUL work! She is offering "Blog Candy" if you post about this and add her to "Blog List" which I already do and follow. I just need to now, leave her a comment, so I can be considered! So, go and check her out. She is AWESOME!!

Now, we won last night!! We are going to the FINALS!! Let me tell you, the first game was pretty easy, but the 2nd one, not so much! We almost lost it and would have had to play a 3rd one! Whew! Glad we didn't. We only won by 2 points!

Well, it is Friday. It took long enough. I don't know about you, but my word, this week took a long time!! I made a couple of cards last night. They are plain. It's a start. I'll show you when I am completely done. It's still in the "testing" stage.

This turned out to be a short post. I cleaned up my kitchen yesterday, putting away all the laundry. I need to now sweep and mop. I'll do that after I finish lunch up with the "chikens." I need to shop for a dress to wear for a wedding the day before Thanksgiving and the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I also need to make a grocery list FOR Thanksgiving!! We have just under 2 weeks left! I need to get busy. Have a good weekend. I'll blog ya later ;-) ....


kelliebean said...

No minute like the last minute, I suppose! Heck, that's how I get anything done around here, to be honest! :)

Finally got my SIH binder together - I ended up making it more "me" (i.e. I put WAY too much work into it), but I am very happy with the results. I've been printing in spurts, though, cause I don't want to tire out my little printer! MAN that's a lot of printing!!!

jandbsmom said...

Congrats on the win and good luck in the Finals! ;)