Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, it seems our country made history last night. I applaud everyone who went out and voted. Who made their voices "heard." It shows that we truly care about what goes on in our country. And we should care! We need "Change." But, we need "Change" for the better! And I truly hope our new "Leader" will provide that!
This was an Election to be "watched." My children, who are 15 and 12, were "watching" the Election outcome. They had their opinions of who should be elected as "Leader of our Free World." They should have opinions! We are leaving this country to them, our future and what a MESS it is! I don't want them to be "Slackers" and just "accept" what is given to them! I want them to WANT MORE! What Parent doesn't? I want them to go after the "American Dream!" They deserve it just as much as anyone else, don't ya think? I want them to make their "mark" on the world. To be PROUD that they live in THIS country! I am proud that they are taking an interest in their country at this age! I didn't start until after I became of age to Vote! And even then, I was nonchalant! My children know that, voting is a privilege that we are given and that it is a personal, private matter. In years past, they would ask, "Mom, who did you vote for?" My answer was always, "None of your business. It was my choice and it is private." Now, when they ask, I'll tell them. Not because I'm "bragging" but because I also give my reasons, based on the candidate's platform. And also because they know, for they are with me in the voting booth now!! LOL But seriously, it is discussed now. It's no longer a "Secret." I am proud. Truly proud.

My "Blog Buddy" Amy Jo over at "The Girl Called Earl" had posted on her blog, "Where Were You" sort of post. Meaning, do you remember where you were, what you were doing, when certain "Events" happened? Here is an example:

1986 - Challenger Explosion: I was 2 years out of high school and working in an office. We heard about it from someone who had a television in his office! We were very sad and watched off and on the rest of the day.

April, 1995 - Columbine High School: I was at work, after just dropping my daughter off at the sitter's. Was just beginning to decide what we were going to do for lunch, when the news came on over the radio. We went into an office that had a television and turned it on! We were completely in shock!

August 1997 - Death of Princess Diana: I was at home! I remember setting my VCR to record her funeral for it began at like 4 in the morning here!! Brought back memories of watching her wedding to Prince Charles!

9/11/01 - I don't think too many people will forget where/what they were doing! Personally, I was home and apparently this was ONE morning I did not have on the Disney channel!? I still had it on the Today Show. They immediately cut in with the news. I just sat on the sofa. crying. my neighbor called me! While on the phone with her, we watched the 2nd plane! I was numb. The "chikens" were playing around me, but I was pretty oblivious to their play. I will always remember that day.

August, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina: My sister and I took my kids and left with friends and evacuated to Memphis! We watched CNN in the hotel lobby. Not a very good depiction of what was actually going on! Found out that both my sisters lost everything! I never thought my children would be alive to see another destructive hurricane that followed "Betsy" and "Camille" in 1963 and 1969. I was only 3 at the time of "Camille" and I heard all those stories!! They will remember it, for it really "hit home." It affected their families!

Well. What were YOU doing? So many "insignificant" things happen daily around the world that don't affect us directly, but there are many things that do!
Sorry to be so "Heavy" with this post, but, I was feeling a little "Reflective" today.


lmerie said...

Good Post, quite thought provoking.

The Challenger - I was in High School. I don't know now if we were watching it live or if I remember the play-backs of the video. But it was heartbreaking. My son's art teacher had applied for that trip and was not selected.

Columbine - having moved to Georgia from Denver it was for some reason even more disturbing of the school shootings. Some of the parents my mom had gone to high school with in the 60's.

Princess Diana - I was up at 5:00 to watch her funeral - my mom and I had gotten up to watch the wedding, I thought it was only fitting to do the same that day.

9/11 - the puzzlement and the shear astonishment that we were watching it happen live and could do nothing!

Katrina - glued to my TV and praying for all. We had a shelter set up a few blocks from here, so to see and meet those that scrambled from there. People who walked through that water and sores that the doctors could not explain at the time. To lose so much material items, but to see so many rally together in support. So many emotions.

Geeez, now I feel heavy! Ok, if you need something light, check out my redneck picture today! hehe

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I love this post. It's funny how we remember exactly where we were and what we were doing during the most tragic events of our lifetime. It's neat to hear other peoples stories. Thanks for sharing.

kelliebean said...

Yesterday's voting was a family affair. I was really glad my kids were allowed to go with me to see how it all went down. In 2000, elections officials in WA wouldn't let my 6 y.o. Courtney stay with me when I voted! Hubby and I take this privilege VERY seriously, and we are imparting that to our kids, and it was neat for them to be able to actually "see" how it happens, kwim?

I'm playing the remember game later today, too! :)

Amy Jo said...

Ohhh V,

You remembered some that I didn't! Columbine, Katrina and Princess Di..those are definitely those defining moments!

Thank you bud for calling those to mind!

kelliebean said...

Oh! I love the new look!