Thursday, November 13, 2008

More "Random" Thoughts & Messes!

Well, let me start off by saying, I thought I was doing good yesterday by getting dinner ready. I prepared a meatloaf. I used Stephanie's recipe as a guide! She even says, the next time she makes it, she knows to let it sit before slicing! Well, I didn't even have a chance! Darn thing FELL APART!! It looked horrible! It tasted good, but it looked HORRID! My meatloaf turned into "meat crumbs!" So I quickly decided to turn it into Chili! Yup! and guess what? It was DELICIOUS!! My daughter ate 2 bowls before she went to dance and when she returned, she finished off what was left! :-O Seriously. Hubby took some for lunch today! Here are before and after pictures:

The one on the left is my "Meat Crumbs!" The next one is the Chili. I threw in some black beans and seasoning and VOILA'! My hubby actually cooked some rice and ate it over rice. There was already some rice in the meatloaf, but you really couldn't taste it! All I know, there isn't any left.

I mailed off my "Pay It Forward" little "somethings" this morning. So "Bean" and Lailani, be on the lookout in the next couple of days!! ;-)
I am participating in a "Secret Santa" over on the Scrapbuddies Board. This is my first time ever doing anything like this! I'm excited! In high school, as a fundraiser, we used to have "Candy-Grams." For instance, Valentine's day, you could order those little "Sweetheart" candies and they would be placed in/on the locker of the person you sent it to. Same little thing was done for Christmas, before school let out! I love all the "secrecy" of it all! I am such a "giving" person, that it is easy for me! So, don't be surprised if I begin to throw in some goodies on my Blog!!
Went out to run a couple of errands last night and guess what I saw? A local gas station had gas for $1.93!!! WoW! Cannot believe this. I am still waiting for the other shoe to fall. Know what I mean?
I actually, finally put away the laundry that had been in my kitchen, in baskets, for almost a week! My hubby did the laundry last weekend, but doesn't put my thing away! Well, now you can see the kitchen floor! Which means I have to sweep and mop it! Darn. I still have my scrap stuff ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I really need a room. My hubby said he would clean out the garage and build me some shelves! I told him, if I was going to be "isolated" like that, I should at least have enough room for a BED!! LOL Lately his sleeping habits have been keeping me awake! I so want my own room.
Have our first playoff game tonight. Hope we win and move on to next week's round!
Well, have to get back to picking up. My Cricut machine is on a table in the living room! I need to put it away. darn. Ya'll have a great day. Blog ya later.........


lmerie said...

I will keep a lookout - I am excited. I will post the pass it forward soon.

Pass those gas prices further east!! It feels like the only sale I get to go to is at the gas station! hehe

kelliebean said...

Pass those gas prices westward, too - we're still running $2.30-2.50 in some places. Still, that's better than it was last month!

I'll be watching for the mail goodie! :)